17 Movies On Netflix That Will Surprise You

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For film and TV lovers, Netflix is an oasis. It's also confounding AF. Have you ever watched Scandal and then had Netflix recommend you watch Beyonce: Baby and Beyond, an unauthorized biography? Or watched a movie found in the Comedy section only to be ugly crying for two hours? Sometimes movies on Netflix are not as they appear, as the below 17 movies on Netflix that are nothing like you'd expect show loud and clear. These films will have you wondering why we even bother classifying movies in the first place.

Wether it's a misleading plot description, a strange photo, or a misidentified genre, Netflix has been known to give viewers a bit of a false impression when it comes to movies. Mismatched plot descriptions might lead you to believe you're watching a romantic comedy, when really you have a one-way ticket to heartbreak city and will be spending the rest of your night cuddling up to a box of tissues. (You know, hypothetically speaking, of course.) Or recommendations based on your previous viewings might come out of nowhere — like watching This Is Spinal Tap and being recommended Schindler's List. It's one of the quirky things we've had to learn to love about Netflix, and never has that quality been more on display than with these nine Netflix movies that are nothing like you'd expect.

Paramount Pictures/Netflix

Elizabethtown is listed as a comedy on Netflix. The main character literally tries to kill himself using an exercise bike 10 minutes into the movie.

'The Last 5 Years'

If you believe the Netflix description of The Last 5 Years, then you might be under the impression you're pressing play on a fun, musical comedy. In reality, the musical adaptation, while amazing, is incredibly heartbreaking and sad. Prepare to cry.

'V For Vendetta'
Warner Bros. Pictures/Netflix

For those of you who have never seen V for Vendetta, the Netflix description might lead you to believe that the main character is actually V, a male leader in the rebellion, instead of Evey.

'Safe Haven'
Relativity Media/Netflix

The fun image and description used to describe Safe Haven on Netflix doesn't even hint at the very serious domestic abuse subplot of the film.

'Audrie & Daisy'

Audrie & Daisy is a documentary about online bullying, but the narrative and artwork of the Netflix original might have you thinking you're watching a fictional film. The cruel reality is much, much worse.

'Million Dollar Baby'
Warner Bros. Pictures/Netflix

The plot description of Million Dollar Baby is all about Clint Eastwood's Frankie Dunn, giving the impression that the movie is more about the grumpy boxing coach than the actual boxer herself.

'The Fear Of 13'

The Fear of 13 comes off as a true crime documentary, but it's less about a murder and more about the psychology of a man who has lived for 23 years on Death Row.

Focus Features/Netflix

However depressing and sad you think Atonement is going to be, it's worse.

'One Day'
Focus Features/Netflix

The description of One Day as about two people who "get a glimpse of the life they might lead, together or apart," kind of makes it sound like it's a romantic comedy about two alternate timelines. Alas, it is not.

Paramount Pictures/Netflix

The description of Grease makes no reference to the Pink Ladies or the high school social dynamics at play in the film, instead pitching Sandy and Danny as a "good girl" and a "devilishly handsome dude." Sounds more like a match made in heaven, not a musical.

'Magic Mike'
Warner Bros. Pictures/Netflix

The Magic Mike description makes it sound like the movie is all about Adam (Alex Pettyfer), even though the movie is literally named after the main character, Mike.

'10 Things I Hate About You'
Buena Vista Pictures/Netflix

The 10 Things I Hate About You Netflix description asks whether the Stratford sisters can "both get to prom," an event everyone knows Kat doesn't even want to go to.

'The Shining'
Warner Bros./Netflix

The description for The Shining is actually pretty good, but the movie landed a spot on this list after I spotted it in the comedy section. Warning: it is not a comedy.

20th Century Fox/Netflix

Contrary to what Netflix might have you believe, Anastasia is not the story of an animated dog.

'The Switch'
Miramax Films/Netflix

Despite what the plot description might make you think, The Switch isn't a movie about a woman's journey into single motherhood, but a romantic comedy about two BFFs. (And, yes, some misidentified sperm.)

Magnolia Pictures/Netflix

If you want to spend a night with Michael Fassbender (or, more specifically, his beautiful face), don't watch Frank. He's literally covered the entire time.

'Trouble With The Curve'
Warner Bros. Pictures

Unfortunately, this movie is not just two hours of Justin Timberlake looking good in plaid shirts. You've been warned.

The lesson here is to be careful what you stream. You never really know what you're going to get.