17 Of The Best "My Cue To Move On" Tweets That Will Make You Laugh (And Maybe Cry)

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Whether you've been dating for just a few weeks or years and years, it can be hard to know when it's time to move on from a relationship. How do you decide what is a deal-breaker, and what things you can compromise on? Everyone has different levels of tolerance for BS in relationships, and sometimes seemingly insignificant behaviors can be major no-no's. The only surefire way to make sure your relationship stays mutually happy and healthy is to openly communicate with your partner about what is and isn't OK with you.

Personally, I'm all about compromise, but the thing about compromise is that it takes effort from both sides, and some people just don't get that. But I must admit: from terrible texters to cat-haters, I've got my fair share of deal-breakers, too. And of course, unfortunately, not all budding relationships are meant to be, and sometimes it's better to cut the cord and move on instead of staying with someone with whom you know you'll never make things work. Using the hashtag #MyCueToMoveOn, Twitter users revealed what their biggest deal-breakers are — some are a little petty, and others get a loud-and-proud 'amen' from me.

Here are 17 of the most relatable #MyCueToMoveOn tweets — even if they don't all ring true for you, they'll at least make you chuckle (or weep) in solidarity.

1. *Pointedly Inserts DVD*

2. Picky Eaters Need Not Apply

3. This Breakup Is Gonna Be Yuge

4. But Name-Calling Is *Not* OK

5. You Don't Have To Be Alone To Feel Lonely

6. *Gasps*

7. Wait, You're Moving To Barbados In 2019?!

8. Favors Should Go Both Ways

9. *Hugs Self*

10. Adulthood = Accepting Blame When Necessary

11. If You 'K' Me One More Time...

12. Goals Are Key

13. Well This Is Awkward...

14. Sex With Myself Has Yet To Disappoint

15. Too Soon?

16. "Sorry, I Was In The Shower!"

17. And Finally, The Obvious Cue

So whatever your deal-breakers might be, just know that it's never something you should be ashamed of. Relationships don't have to be perfect, but if you're not happy and satisfied with your partner, moving on to something that's right for you is A-OK.