17 #ProtectTransKids Tweets That Offer Advice


On Wednesday, Trump's administration withdrew federal protection for transgender kids, handing the decision back to the states, which would allow them to decide how much protection, if at all, trans kids can expect in schools. Not only is this a major setback for the LGBTQ community, this decision by Trump is in stark contrast to a tweet he posted in June of 2016, vowing to fight for their rights.

Naturally, people are enraged. To take federal protection away from something so important can have devastating results in certain states. Some states are far less progressive than others and it's in those states where trans kids will be affected the most. This fact was something that Barack Obama was very much aware of, hence the reason he made it a federal issue, as opposed to a state issue.

“As an organization that cares deeply about adolescent health, we think it’s unacceptable to reverse a guidance that is meant to protect children who already face significant challenges to their well-being," Dr. Diane Horvath-Cosper, Reproductive Health Advocacy Fellow at Physicians for Reproductive Health, tells Bustle. "Transgender children are often rejected by their family and peers, harassed, traumatized and abused, and are at a higher risk for depression and suicide. Discouraging or punishing children for expressing their true sense of identity threatens their health and well-being, and schools have a special responsibility to protect all young people, regardless of gender identity or expression. Children thrive in open, honest environments that foster healthy decision-making. Schools should be at the forefront of the effort to create safe learning spaces for all students, not exposing thousands of children to discrimination.”

In effort to get the word out there and show support, the trending hashtag #ProtectTransKids popped up all over Twitter to offer tweets of advice and support. Here are 17 of them.

Some Of The Important Phone Numbers To Have
For Those Who Need Words Of Support And Love
We Need To Actively Help Our Trans Brothers And Sisters
Acknowledgment That We're All Invested In Making This Right
A Reminder That This Is A Matter Of Human Rights
A Lesson In Where Gender Really Resides
A List Of Organizations To Support That Fight To Protect The Trans Community
A Simple Welcoming With Open Arms
Support For All The Deaf Trans Kids
News That Philly Is On Right Side Of History
Proof That This Really Shouldn't Be An Issue
For Those Who Need A Bit Of Humor
If You're Looking To Protest Tonight
One Of The Many Allies Out There
Tumblr Has Trans Kids' Backs
Privilege Means Responsibility
Education Is Everything Right Now

Although it's clear that the Trump administration doesn't see the protection of trans kids as a priority, based on responses on Twitter and across other forms of social media, trans kids have a lot of support and love coming their way. Those of us who believe in equality are not going to give up without a fight and that's something on which trans kids can count.