17 Shows To Replace The TV You Loved In The '90s


We might be living in the Golden Age of Television, but even the most die-hard Game of Thrones fans must admit, television of the '90s were pretty great too. So great that even now, nearly two decades later, it can be hard to let go. '90s shows like Full House are constantly being rebooted, and cast reunions go viral. Instead of holding onto shows from the past, it might be time to move on with shows currently on air. Here are 17 shows you loved in the '90s and 17 new shows that could take their places in your heart.

Now, I know what you're thinking, part of what makes '90s shows so great is, well, that they're just so '90s. (Think of how much drama Beverly Hills 90210's Dylan and Kelly could have avoided with cell phones.) So, finding modern equivalents to '90s shows is, in some ways, impossible. No, the fashion won't be as hilarious, and, no, none of these new shows will indulge your old Jonathan Taylor Thomas obsession. But, rest assured that for every show you loved in the '90s, there are shows airing new episodes today that are just as lovable, in their own ways. And the 17 '90s shows you loved listed below, and the 17 shows to watch to replace them, will prove it to you.

1. If You Loved The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Watch Fresh Off The Boat

Both The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Fresh Off The Boat deal with fish out of water premises. Plus, both sitcoms depict a modern American family. Granted, only one has the super catchy opening credits rap, but you can't have everything.

2. If You Loved Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Watch Supernatural

If, for some reason, you want a new television shows to haunt your dreams forever, then Supernatural is about as close to Are You Afraid of the Dark? as it gets.

3. If You Loved Saved By The Bell Watch Degrassi: Next Class

Degrassi: Next Class might be a bit more serious and melodramatic than Saved By The Bell, but both shows are all about high school and the painfully awkward kids that go there.

4. If You Loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer Watch The Magicians

The Magicians is dark and an ensemble drama, just like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so you'll be able to get your Scooby gang fix with a side of dark supernatural intrigue.

5. If You Loved Home Improvement Watch Modern Family

No one can replace JTT in our hearts. But in our minds, Modern Family replacing Home Improvement seems right.

6. If You Loved Beverly Hills 90210 Watch Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is a lot like Beverly Hills 90210, if that show were about murder, stalking, illicit high school romances, and — oh, wait. High school soaps have never been this twisted.

7. If You Loved ER Watch Code Black

Miss the fast paced world of the fictional emergency room in E.R., but don't want to deal with the quirky side of Grey's Anatomy? Then Code Black is the medical show you really should be watching.

8. If You Loved Friends Watch The Big Bang Theory

I'm not saying The Big Bang Theory is the new Friends, but if you loved Friends, you'll probably enjoy the ensemble on TBBT, particularly in the later seasons.

9. If You Loved Party of Five Watch This Is Us

Unapologetic family drama/tearjerker This Is Us has a lot of similarities to Party of Five, except for the fact that the parents are much more present in NBC's new drama.

10. If You Loved Lois & Clark Watch Supergirl

Lois & Clark had a super cheerful tone that Supergirl definitely inherited, so if you miss the superhero fun of Lois & Clark but don't want to deal with the brooding on Daredevil, Supergirl's perfect.

11. If You Loved Full House Watch One Day At A Time

Lovers of Full House are obviously more than welcome to watch Fuller House, but if you're a purest who would rather not risk the memory of the original by watching the spinoff, Netflix has produced another family sitcom, One Day At A Time.

12. If You Loved NYPD Blue Watch Chicago P.D.

There will never be a time without gritty cop shows on television. Chicago PD takes the dark action of NYPD Blue and moves it over to the windy city.

13. If You Loved Ally McBeal Watch Younger

Because young female professionals should always be stars, and shows about them are much too rare.

14. If You Loved Xena: Warrior Princess Watch Jessica Jones

Xena: Warrior Princess and Jessica Jones don't have a ton in common in terms of tone, but both star superhuman female characters who commit their lives to saving innocents and destroying the patriarchy. Jessica Jones is actually like the spiritual child of Xena, trust me.

15. If You Loved Melrose Place Watch How To Get Away With Murder

Here are all the things Melrose Place and HTGAWM have in common: Crazy characters? Check. Murder? Check. Sexy affairs? Check. House where all the crazy goes down? Check.

16. If You Loved The Secret World of Alex Mack Watch Stranger Things

Kids solving supernatural crimes will never get old. Unfortunately for Alex Mack fans, Stranger Things is a bit scarier than the '90s kids' show, but it has a similar spunk.

17. If You Loved The X-Files Watch The X-Files

Ever since Fringe went off the air in 2013, there hasn't been a show to replace The X-Files on our television screens. At least not one with a will-they-won't-they couple worthy of Mulder and Scully's legacy. So, instead of looking for a new show, X-Files lovers can turn to the new episodes of The X-Files instead.

Now that you know what shows to watch to fill those '90s television cravings, the question is: will you binge like it's 2017, or watch shows as networks intended, one week at a time?