17 Shows You Watched When You Were Stressed Out In The '90s


I have a confession to make: I'm a perpetually worried, anxious mound of stress, and I always have been. And when you spend your whole life in this highly strung state, you soon learn how to deal with your feelings to avoid some form of stress-related combustion. If you were like me in this way, then you may have also discovered that there were certain TV shows in the '90s that helped with stress. And this is no joke, you guys, there are definitely certain TV shows to watch when you're stressed that just help to dissipate all that negative, nervous energy from your mind. And the '90s was full of them.

These were all TV shows from that era that somehow got to the root of your worries, and managed to calmly help you do away with all that stress. Some of these shows did that by just being totally compelling, others did it through comedy, and some did it by just offering the soothing comforts of empathy or routine. The shows are all so soothing in their own way, in fact, that I still return to most of them to this day when I'm feeling stressed out or anxious.

1. Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Because laughter is the best medicine, my friends. And you were guaranteed an absolute fit of the giggles with each and every episode of this sitcom.

2. Rugrats

Babies who can talk and go on episodic adventures with each other? Yeah, that's stress-free magic right there.

3. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Seeing a sassy, young woman who used her innate sense of power to take control of her life was liberating to see as a child. But also, Salem was the absolute best.

4. Powerpuff Girls

It was cute, girly, bright, and fun. And sure, those things were all great for helping you to chill out. But seeing three young girls with superpowers kicking some serious ass in each episode? So chill.

5. Singled Out

MTV's dating game show could sometimes make for something of a train wreck of a viewing experience. But it was always an utterly compelling and entertaining one, that made your own worries simply melt away by comparison.

6. Boy Meets World

If the swoon-worthy presence of Shawn Hunter wasn't enough to replace your stress levels with love, then the actual show itself definitely did. Its perfect combination of hilarity and heart was exquisitely comforting.

7. Blossom

It was just so wholesome, you guys. Blossom was basically the TV equivalent of drinking a big mug of chamomile tea while perennial teen dreamboat Joey Lawrence massaged your poor, worrisome head (whoa).

8. Bug Juice

Because where else are you going to learn how to de-stress and become the best possible version of yourself than at summer camp? Sure, it might not have actually been summer, and the camp in question was one on a reality TV show, but it still did the job.

9. The Simpsons

I don't know about you, but for me, growing up held the weekly tradition of the Sunday evening bath followed by a double bill of The Simpsons. And why? Because it totally chilled me out in that black hole otherwise known as The Weekend Is Over And I'm Back To School Tomorrow. It was the best.

10. The Joy Of Painting

Just keep painting them fluffy clouds, folks.

11. Sister, Sister

Everyone had a Roger that they wanted to tell to go home, and seeing Tia and Tamara achieve that every episode was an absolute comfort.

12. Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place

Because Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillon went together like peanut butter and jelly, my fine friends. What any of us would given to hang out in that pizza place with the guys, whenever life got stressful.

13. Global Guts

Everyone might have told you that doing actual exercise would have been good for your stress. And yeah, great, probably. But watching kids become brutal athletes on Nickelodeon's Global Guts was just as good. Nay, it was better.

14. Bill Nye The Science Guy

Oh, Mr. Nye. Just thinking about your bow tie and science lessons makes me instantly feel light and carefree. Thank you, sir.

15. Doug

Not only did Doug Funnie absolutely share every shred of your daily stress, but he reaffirmed your suspicions that daydreaming, pretending to be a superhero, and hanging out with some good friends are great ways to deal with your problems.

16. The Ricki Lake Show

I'm sorry, but this is basically just one of the best daytime talk shows ever. It served up trashy, compelling greatness and I used to watch it religiously whenever I felt stressed out about something.

17. Friends

It was easy viewing. And because you'd rewatched episodes between seasons, everything about the sitcom just kind of felt like home in some way.

Yeah, I'm just gonna come right out and suggest that you watch most of these shows again ASAP. Times are pretty tough right now, and any of these shows should easily be able to provide you with some stress-busting magic with which to kick back and chill out.