People Are Tweeting Their Worst First Date Stories & You Won't Be Able To Stop Laughing


When it comes to bad date stories, most people have one they can tell — their own worst first date. Mine involved a guy pulling out of an actual list of questions when I went to the bathroom but refusing to share any personal information and then telling me I didn't know how dating worked and that I talked about myself too much. Oh, and that all my profile photos were terrible. Thanks, dude.

Though we all think we know what a great first date should look like, it isn't always easy to actually have one go according to plan. You know, the kind where conversation flows, you find mutual interests, and really get a feel for each other. “Asking great questions on a date can give you a lot of insight about the person sitting across from you,” Sarah Patt, matchmaker and dating expert tells Bustle. “By the end of the date, you want to be able to know if you connect with the person and whether or not you share similar lifestyles and values. Asking great questions will help determine if this person has what you are looking for in a partner so you can decide if their world is one you want to know more about, or become a part of.”

But sometimes, nothing can save a bad date. That's why when Jimmy Fallon asked users to tweet their #WorstFirstDate stories, some of them felt just too good (or bad) to be true. Seriously, take a look at this and you'll feel better about every awkward date you've ever been on. Because, if these stories are anything to go by, it could be worse — way worse.


Bunnies Before Hunnies

I have a lot of questions.


Caught Red-Handed

Good luck talking your way out of that one.


Whose Family Barbecue?

That is amazing and terrifying. Although, I can totally see how it can happen — a girl I went to high school with basically couldn't date because she was related to 85 percent of the school. Bad luck for Susan.


Wait, What?

Like, do you call someone? The police? I'm not sure what happened here, but I am not comfortable with it.


It's Just Like In The Movies

I thought that this only happened in the movies, but apparently it's a thing? How did this dude really think it was going work? I hope that he got stuck paying both bills, at the very least.


Dress Up Real Nice

I don't really see the problem here. You got to eat waffles, right? Is there something more than that that you could possibly want?


We Are Family

OK, this sounds like an awful date but also an amazing little sister. That is real commitment to ruining your brother's time, which is really what all siblings should be striving for. Well done, whoever you are, well done.



She wasn't wrong, I guess?


The Ultimate Set Up

YES. Who on earth was genius enough to set their grandma up on a blind date?! I hope they had an amazing time at the shuffleboard club.


The Parked Car Date

I guess that's someone's version of fun... right? I mean, it has to be. Maybe. OK, probably not.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes

That father deserves a damn award. I don't know if it was on purpose or just a glorious accident, but either way that is a very special moment and a monumental achievement.


So Awkward

This was probably the most relatable tweet because so many of us have been way too close to this actually happening.


Typical Friday

Why is she embarrassed and not proud of her stupendous achievement? I think her priorities are wrong. Also, that has to have been a very expensive date — sushi is not cheap.


A Veggie-What Now?

That would be a pretty confusing evening for sure.


The Bad Date That Turned Into A Marriage

I keep picturing a montage of this in my head with Unchained Melody playing in the background.



So, so charming.


A Date With The Government

But I mean, they kind of are — right?

I've heard some bad date stories before, but not like, secretly-related-to-your-date bad. These really take the cake. So the next time there's an awkward silence or two on a first date, remember that it could be worse. So, so much worse.