18 Most Obnoxious Requests Made By Wedding Guests, Shared By Redditors

Weddings are supposed to be one of the best days ever for the happy couple, which can prove to be challenging if you have dozens (or hundreds) or guests to appease. If you're lucky, everyone will keep their mouths shut, eat their chicken, and at least pretend to have a good time; but such won't always be the case. Just ask the people of Reddit, who shared the most obnoxious requests made by wedding guests that they have ever witnessed. Read these and try not to Hulk out. Go on. I dare you.

We must be living in some alternate universe where wedding guests strangely believe that everything revolves around them. The location, the menu, the attire, the transportation — in case you weren't aware, you should be making this as convenient on them as possible. Oh, I'm sorry... did you think your wedding was about you? You poor thing!

Married or not, these stories are sure to make your blood boil. Or maybe you'll laugh. Or cry. Who knows? But at the very least, you've been warned: the instant someone utters something about a vegan cake or wanting to wear white to your wedding, nip it in the bud, or you'll be in for a world of trouble.


And don't be foolish — those people are out there. Waiting. Lurking. Trying to get you to cover their hotel room and airfare.

Oh, the audacity.

Read on for the craziness.

1. Two Birds, One Stone


Sorry, Ma. We all like it when things are convenient, but no, we will not move the wedding back by a year.

2. The Dad Swap


Yikes, that one hurts a little. Hopefully this bride channeled her inner #boss and put her foot down.

3. The Never-Ending Guest List


700? Who even knows that many people? That's a lot of mouths to feed. Thanks, but no.

4. Late Arrival


Weddings trump work any day of the week.

5. Fun Suckers


No booze? No boogying? That sounds like one snooze fest of a wedding.

6. A Quick Change Of Heart


Momzillas are real, and they're terrifying. Sometimes, people need to be put in their place.

7. Invasion Of The Cacti


Of all the plants to bring to a wedding, why pick one that can stab people?

And as if we needed a reminder, if you're not the bride, don't wear white.

8. Picking Up The Tab


Heck, why don't they just pay for everyone's meal in the whole hotel?

9. Complimentary Shuttle Service


Note: the bride does not double as a personal driver.

10. A Vegan Wedding


Sure, options are nice. But don't mess with the cake. Seriously. Just don't.

11. Alcohol-Free Zone


Yikes, Grandma(s). It's just champagne.

12. The Aunt You Never Knew


There's always at least one person who you haven't seen or heard from in the better part of a decade, and they still manage to be offended that they weren't a part of your big day.

13. Imposter Wedding Invitations


E-vites are all the rage these days. Get with the times, Aunt Connie.

14. Location, Location, Location


That's a surefire way to get booted from someone's Christmas gift list.

15. Let Them Eat Cake


The only reason you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a cake is to take pictures of it first. Someone needs to give Granny a stern talking to. This hurts my soul.

16. Nobody's Paying Attention To Me


Apparently, the wedding day is about the MIL. Did anyone else not get that memo?

17. All Expenses Not Included


Sure, they'll cover your expenses. No problem! Would you like them to set up college funds for all your children, too?

18. Freebie Photos


Apparently no one told this bridesmaid that professional photographers need to get paid.