18 Mother’s Day 2019 Jokes To Send To Your Mom That Are Actually Funny


Mother's Day will be here before we know it, and it probably doesn't need to be repeated that this is a very special holiday. Whatever your relationship with your mom, she brought you into this world and is the literal reason you are here! She has probably tried (in her own way, maybe) to do everything she can to give you a great life. That means she deserves some love, appreciation, and gratitude at least one day a year. You can get her sweet gifts, spend some time with her, or simply call her to just talk for a little while - and you can even give her the day off to be totally by herself, which she might really need! You can also give her the gift of laughter by sharing at least one of these jokes with her on Mother's Day. After all, moms have a sense of humor too!

It's often easy to forget that behind her "mom" title, your momma is an actual person... and as someone with kids, uh, she probably deals with quite a lot. Being a mom is tough! Sometimes, humor can help make things feel a little bit less overwhelming. So instead of getting her a really sappy and sweet card (which is still a nice gesture!), get a blank one and write a joke in it. Or if she's on social media, share one of these tweets with her. Maybe even print them out for her if she's not tech-savvy at all. Or you can just show her when you're spending time with her on Mother's Day.

It doesn't really matter how you do it — just know she'll almost definitely appreciate most of these jokes. And then you get to be the child who makes her laugh on her own little holiday... pretty special! Check out some of the best Mother's Day jokes out there any mom will love:

1. A Gift Any Mom Would Love

This kid definitely has the right idea.

2. The Real Sacrifice A Mom Makes

Just let her know you're thankful, OK?

3. There Are Too Many Choices!

Honestly, though, how can you go wrong?

4. What Your Mom Really Wants

Even moms appreciate alone time!

5. When You Want To Be Sarcastic

If your mom can really take a joke, she'll giggle at this one.

6. Just A Little Game Of Thrones Humor

If she loves GoT, she'll love this!

7. What Every Mother's Day Should Be Like:

Wondering what to get your mom? It's this.

8. Honestly Though...

9. Pretty Sure Every Mom Can Relate

Can't someone else do the planning for once?!

10. For Tech-Savvy Moms

This is such a mom text message that it's adorable.

11. Send This To The New Moms In Your Life

They will definitely appreciate this on their first Mother's Day.

12. Mom Problems

Something that truly any mother can relate to.

13. Maybe She Just Wants TV Time?

Make it happen!!

14. Wow, Accurate

What mom can't relate?

15. How Your Mom Really Feels

She loves you so much, but also you're kind of ruining her life.

16. A Little Dark Humor For Her

Don't take it personally! But she'll love this.

17. This Is True:

Maybe you should write her one?

18. For The Mom of Many Kids

Moms with multiple little kids will definitely appreciate this joke.