19 Punny Mother’s Day Greeting Cards You Still Have Time To Get

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the moms and maternal figures in our life. Greeting cards, of course, are a traditional option — but why settle for an ordinary drugstore card? Your mother deserves something way cooler, like these punny greeting cards for Mother’s Day. Not only are these cards designed by small businesses, but they double as an adorable dose of comedic relief. It’s a win-win.

The best part about these punny Mother’s Day greeting cards is that there’s something for everyone. For example, if your mom is all about cooking or baking, you can gift her a card with a food pun. The same goes if she loves wine, Star Wars, or shopping. Regardless of her interests, you can be sure that you’ll find a card on this list that will make her smile.

While you’re at it, consider giving a gift that coordinates with the theme of the card. But remember, try not to feel like you have to drop a ton of dough on a Mother’s Day gift. The key is to select a simple yet thoughtful gift that speaks to your special relationship. Don’t forget the gift of time, too! An afternoon hike or homemade brunch will mean the world to the maternal figures in your life.

Top it off with one of these punny Mother’s Day cards. You can be sure that she’ll love it!

1. Here's To The Best Mum

Does your mama have a green thumb? Gift her this charming "mum" card, just in time for the spring season. Bonus: You can download and print a digital version! Sold by ALittleLeafy.

2. Thanks For The Free Womb & Board

If you just moved in (or out!), this adorable card is perfect for Mother's Day. Sold by CristinaShah.

3. Olive You Mom

When it comes to classic puns, you can't go wrong with this sweet "olive you" card. It's digital and printable, too. Sold by TheNicheCollective.

4. A Mom Like No Otter

From the darling illustration to the punny slogan, this card is perfect for the mother who adores animals. Sold by ThePaperPonyCo.

5. Mom, You Are The Breast!

Feminist and doctor mamas will get a kick out of this hilarious card. We totally love it! Sold by TinyGangDesigns.

6. Best Momtini

This Mother's Day, treat your mom to a round of drinks and this punny card. We guarantee it will make her laugh out loud. Sold by WildCardsCo.

7. Mom, Thanks For The Great Genes

If your mother is all about fashion and shopping, she'll get a kick out of this super cute card. Sold by ACouplePuns.

8. You Deserve A Napa

Moms who love veggies, naps, or all of the above will appreciate this kitschy greeting card. Sold by itscathywu.

9. Mom, You're One In A Melon!

Give a nod to summer with this adorable Mother's Day card. Also, how cute are those heart seeds? Sold by TinyBeeCards.

10. Sip, Sip, Rose

For the mama who loves wine, gift this greeting card with a bottle of her favorite rosé. Sold by YellowDaisyPaperCo.

11. Mom, I'd Be Muffin Without You

If you (or your mom) loves to bake, you can be sure that she'll like this card. Why not gift it with a batch of homemade muffins, too? Sold by TinyGangDesigns.

12. Happy Momosa Day

Mother's Day wouldn't complete without brunch and mimosas! Complete the celebration with a punny "mom"-osa day card. Sold by ACouplePuns.

13. Yoda Best, Love You I Do

Every Star Wars-loving mom needs this card. 'Nuff said. Sold by CoolSourceCards.

14. Mom, I Love Your Loads!

If your family has a running joke about the woes of laundry, this card will make your mom laugh. Sold by StrangeBirdsDesigns.

15. I Haas The Best Mom

Who can say no to smiling avocados? This card is just too cute. Sold by TinyBeeCards.

16. I'm Sew Lucky You're My Mom

This "sew lucky" card is the perfect fit for the crafty, creative mama. Sold by RhinoParade.

17. You're A Koality Mom!

Everything about this punny card oozes cuteness, and I am so here for it. Sold by TinyBeeCards.

18. Mom, You Can't Be Beet

Food puns will never get old, and this "you can't be beet" card is no exception. Sold by TinyBeeCards.

19. Grape Job Raisin Me

Need a card for a guardian or mother-like figure in your life? Pick up this beautifully illustrated, gender-neutral card. Sold by MudsplashStudios.