19 Toxic Guys From Rom Coms You Love


For one reason or another, romantic comedies tend to attract the most toxic men. There's the bad boyfriend, the bad boy, the bro sidekick, the sexual assaulter, and everything in between. In the history of romantic comedies, toxic male characters are almost as common as true love's kiss, and I've got the 19 most toxic male characters from rom coms to prove it.

For the most part, toxic male characters in romantic comedies are the ones that the girl ends up rejecting in favor of a better offer, but occasionally the dream guys — the ones the girl is supposed to end up with at the end of the movie — are the ones that turn out to be the most toxic of all. To be a toxic character, one needs to have a negative effect on the hero or heroine — that's really the main criteria. But, toxic male characters in rom coms also tend to have some backwards ideas on romance, love, and women. Unfortunately, they also tend to be devastatingly handsome, clever, and so charming it should be illegal. In other words: the 19 most toxic male characters from rom coms aren't just toxic, they are simply the worst.


Daniel Cleaver — 'Bridget Jones's Diary'

Daniel Cleaver is the worst bad boyfriend ever. But, he does look good being so bad.


Aldous Snow — 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

Aldous Snow brings out the worst in Sarah and just about everyone he meets. Plus, his songs are gross.


Warner — 'Legally Blonde'

Warner doesn't think Elle is good enough for him because he underestimates her. By the time he realizes his mistake, it's clear he was never in it for the right reasons. Pass.


Kevin — '27 Dresses'

Kevin hates love, likes lying to women and using them to advance his career. No thank you.


Elton — 'Clueless'

A snob and a half.


Jake Adler — 'It's Complicated'

Once a cheater, always a cheater.... Sure, Jack is charming and he means well (for the most part), but man was I happy when he got kicked to the curb.


Jasper — 'The Holiday'

Jasper is the definition of toxic: he convinces Iris that she's not good enough for him and that none of his decisions are actually his responsibility.


Mark — 'Love Actually'

Mark is kind of a stalker and that wedding video is terrifying. It's cute when you're 12, not 28.


Dr. Harrison Copeland — 'Valentine's Day'

Warner Bros. Pictures

A deviant married man who enjoys keeping a sweet, innocent, clueless lady on the side, Dr. Harrison is actually a lot like a meaner Dr. Shepherd of Grey's Anatomy.


Justin — 'She's The Man'

Justin doesn't think that Viola can beat him in soccer or that she can make her own decisions, and he is clearly a douche.


Dean Sampson — 'She's All That'

Dean takes high school meanness to a whole new level when he tries to play with Zack and Laney's relationship even though he's supposedly one of Zack's BFFs.


Sack Lodge — 'Wedding Crashers'

I legitimately never knew his name was Sack Lodge until this moment. Even if he weren't a temperamental, cocky sexist, with a name like that, he was destined for toxicity.


Ben — 'He's Just Not That Into You'

Oof, Bradley Cooper's just got a punchable face, right? At least, that's the vibe he gives Ben, the cheating husband, in He's Just Not That Into You.


Steff — 'Pretty In Pink'

Another high school villain, Steff caters to his worst instincts, and convinces his best friend to do the same. Not cool.


Blane — 'Pretty In Pink'

Blane, on the other hand, allows himself to be completely manipulated by Steff. And, the only reason he apologizes to Andie is because she had the courage to go to Prom without him.


John Tucker — 'John Tucker Must Die'

Serial cheater, foolish jock, and not so great older brother — John Tucker is the worst.


Jake Perry — 'Sweet Home Alabama'

Jake takes such issue with Melanie's success and new career and life, it kind of overshadows the whole romantic, sweet side of him. Melanie made a life for herself, and all he can do is make her feel like she made herself less than she used to be.


Austin — 'A Cinderella Story'

Austin, honey, where to start? You talk the talk, but refuse to walk the walk. Also, whining about having to choose between USC and Princeton is not cute.


Prince Humperdinck — 'The Princess Bride'

Prince Humperdinck is a literal killer, so, do I really need to explain this one?

I know not all men can be winners, but I sure wish there were less toxic guys in the world — I mean, in rom coms.