'2 Broke Girls' Gets Canceled Right Before This Series-Long Mystery Was About To Be Solved

This news is so bad, you may need to drown your sorrows in a cupcake. As reported by TVLine, CBS canceled 2 Broke Girls after six seasons, and as of right now, there are no plans to shop the series to other networks. That means Max and Caroline's adventures came to an end right before 2 Broke Girls could finally introduce Max's mom. That's right, Max's mom was set for a potential Season 7 debut, according to TVLine, and the often-mentioned, but never seen character could have been played by Cher. Yes, the legendary, "Turn Back Time" singing Cher. This is what heartbreak feels like.

While talks for Cher to guest star on 2 Broke Girls were just getting underway, it's impossible not to mourn what might have been. Cher would have been the perfect actor to play Kat Dennings' mother. Her energy and style were definitely a perfect match for Max. More than that, her past roles in films like Moonstruck prove she could have matched Dennings quip for quip and brought real emotion to the complicated mother-daughter reunion.

Instead of finally seeing Max and her mom reunite to hash out their issues, the series ended with Max engaged, and the girls' cupcake shop fund back down to zero. However, the 2 Broke Girls' writers deserve major props for allowing Max and Caroline to become successful small business owners before the show ended. Not only did they own a share of the diner, they also had a successful dessert bar. It's not the cupcake shop of their dreams, but fans can take heart in knowing these two ambitious women had achieved personal and professional fulfillment, despite the unexpected cancellation.

Six seasons is an incredible run for any show, but there were still so many 2 Broke Girls stories left to tell. The lack of resolution where Max's relationship with her mother is concerned will always be frustrating — especially knowing a living legend like Cher could have nabbed the role. Still, it's clear that filming the show brought Dennings and Beth Behrs an incredible amount of joy.

The actors' joint statement on Twitter is a heartfelt testimony to the devotion of their fans and the strong friendship they formed on set. While it would have been nice to spend another six years with Max and Caroline, I can't wait to see what comes next for the talented duo who brought the modern day Laverne and Shirley to life with so much bawdy energy and skill.