20 Clever March For Science Sign Ideas

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The March For Science is right around the corner — Saturday, April 22 — and if you're having any doubts regarding the enthusiasm surrounding the fight for science, these 20 clever March For Science sign ideas serve as an excellent reminder that while our current administration might not stand up in the name of research and fact, millions of other people do.

2017 is a pivotal year for science. The march (which also happens on Earth Day) is crucial in defending fact-based science, however silly it might be that we need to do so in the first place. Policy makers and government agencies are under attack as a result of budget cuts, censorship, threats of dismantling, and job role eliminations. As a result, the safety and security of our air, water, and all-around environment is at risk. You know what that means: Human beings are at risk too. And we still can't convince certain people to care about science more? Well, that's what the March for Science is for.

We already know that our administration doesn't typically respond to proven facts; otherwise, we wouldn't still need to defend climate change as a real thing. To come at things from a different angle, check out these creative sign ideas perfect for the March For Science that combine humor, research, irony, and maybe even a beautiful poem.

1A Poem

It really does roll right off the tongue.

2Planet B

There is only Planet A. Where else will we go?

3Raise Your Hand

Get it?

4Show Some Respect

It's all about respect.

5Speak The Truth

Science doesn't lie.


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7No Argument Here

Let's not sugarcoat things.

8In Denial

We don't accept your denial.

9Uncle Charles Wants You

What are you doing to contribute?

10I'm With Polar Bears

Even the polar bears know what's up.

11A Startling Reality

If this doesn't make you stop and think, what will?

12Be Heard

Science is about exploring the unknown. It cannot be quieted.

13The Future Depends On Science

We are all affected.

14Shattering Records

Earth: Go big or go home!

15What Do We Want?

Shout it from the rooftops!

16A Necessary Reminder

Science. Politics. Equality. Freedom. They are all linked.

17Liar Liar

Sir? Your nose...


This must be what scientists drink out of at the bars.


Let your words speak volumes.

20No Alternative Facts

This is the proper way to use "alternative facts" in a sentence.