14 Feminist March For Science Sign Ideas

The next major nationwide protest to take place is the March for Science, an event expressing opposition to Trump administration policies that fly in the face of scientific facts. That's on April 22 (which is also Earth Day), so now is a good time to start thinking about feminist March for Science sign ideas. If you're looking to stand up for feminism while you stand up for science, the internet is here to help with some awesome designs and slogans.

While the March for Science aims primarily toward protesting Trump's attacks on environmental protections, proposed budget cuts for scientific research, and threats to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency, there's also a lot of overlap between supporting good science and supporting women and gender-nonconforming people. After all, it's often through denial of science that lawmakers restrict access to abortion and birth control, invalidate LGBTQ people's identities, and claim that oppressive gender roles are "natural." Plus, the March for Science is a great day to celebrate the often ignored scientific contributions of women, LGBTQ people, and racial minorities.

Here are some signs — and tweets that could inspire signs — that you can use to stand up for feminism at the March for Science.

1Spell Out The Connection

2Call For Better Priorities

3Celebrate Women Scientists


4And Scientists Of Color


5And Even Fictional Scientists


6Create A Play On Words (Or Elements)

7Point Out That Ignorance Hurts Feminism


8And That Science Supports Feminism


9Explain That Science Is For Everyone

10And It Helps Everyone


11Including Trump Himself


12Show That Science Isn't Unfeminine


13And That Science Needs More Women


14But The Ones Already In It Deserve Acknowledgement