20 Clever Things on Amazon Under $1 That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

Life is hard. You've got to hustle at work, keep yourself organized, and still fit some time in for a Netflix binge. Sometimes, getting all that done feels impossible, but there are things out there that make life a little easier — and some of those products are less than $1.

For less than a can of iced tea, you can get things that will save you lots of time and trouble. Have a messy microwave? Get a splash guard to protect against any unwanted marinara sauce explosions. Want to make your makeup brushes last? Try a cute little washing pad that gets all the gunk out of your favorite applicators. Each of these products makes cleaning easier and saves you money in the long run. That's a pretty good value for a handful of change.

Some of these under $1 products even solve problems you never thought you’d solve. Ever heard of peel-off base coat? It's a latex polish you put on your cuticles, then peel away when you're done painting. It's the easiest possible way to a great manicure, and it’s on Amazon for a few quarters. That's a small price to pay for something that makes your life so much easier.

So, if you want to solve household problems and save tons of cash, check out these amazing products for under a dollar. It turns out 100 pennies can still make a real difference in your life.

1. The Cover That Keeps Your Microwave Clean

Vibola Microwave Food Splatter Guard, $0.01, Amazon

Keep your microwave clean for a penny! This guard goes over your food to keep splatters at bay, so your microwave stays sparkling — and it's got a vented top to release steam, and has a high top that won't touch the food you're heating up.

2. These Silicone Sheets That Making Baking Easy

Geniuskids Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat, $1, Amazon

Watch cookies slide right off the baking sheet with this silicone mat. The heat resistant mat keeps your baking sheets clean, provides a totally non-stick surface for your baked goods, and the sheet itself is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It works in the microwave, too!

3. The Peel-Off Polish That Gives You A Clean Manicure

SMTSMT Liquid Latex Peel Off Base Coat, $0.99, Amazon

Get a perfect manicure every time with this latex base coat. Just place it wherever you don't want your polish to end up (like your cuticles), paint your nails normally, then peel off the base. It'll look like a pro did it and is way cheaper than any nail salon.

4. This Sponge Set That Cleans Everything

Doitsa Magic Erase Scrub Sponge, $0.72 (5 Piece), Amazon

Similar to a Magic Eraser, these scrub sponges will keep your home clean and shiny without the use of chemicals. It's good for removing tough messes in your kitchen, bathroom, and car.

5. The Cutter That Lets You Make French Fries At Home

Vktech Stainless French Fry Cutter, $0.45, Amazon

Making French fries at home can end with a lot of sliced fingers. Instead, use this handy stainless cutter that gives you perfectly shaped fries in less than 30 seconds — it's made from stainless steel, meaning it'll cut through potatoes with little effort.

6. The Cleaning Pad To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Flawless

Fullkang Makeup Brush Scrubbing Board, $0.68, Amazon

Give your makeup brushes a quick and thorough cleaning with this silicone scrubbing board. It has two different textures for the best clean possible and it's small enough to store anywhere. One reviewer writes: "I love that it helps take off most of the makeup and also that it's so easy to use and very travel friendly."

7. These Microfiber Cleaning Pads That Leave Your Floors Dust Free

Hosaire Mop Replacement Cleaning Pads, $0.77 (2 Pack), Amazon

Keep your floors clean with this reusable, microfiber cleaning pad. You can use the cloth on its own to dust around the house, or you can attach it to your Swiffer to give your floors a deep clean. Just wash it when you're done, and you'll be able to reuse it for a long time — an it can be used wet or dry.

8. The Silicone Sponge That Doesn't Waste Any Makeup

Silicone Makeup Sponge, $0.49, Amazon

If you feel like half of your foundation gets sucked into your sponge, give this silicone blender a try. The silicone doesn't absorb any makeup, but still gives you a soft and smooth finish. Plus, the silicone is easy to wash and doesn't harbor hidden germs or bacteria.

9. The Kitchen Slicer That Keeps Your Fingers Safe

Malltop Handheld Circular Slicer, $0.99, Amazon

Cutting uniform slices on round fruit like apple, lemon, or tomato is surprisingly hard, but this handheld slicer makes it easy as pie. Put your circular fruit or vegetable in the holder and slice along the grooves. No slipping knives and perfectly sliced fruit for you to enjoy.

10. The Eyebrow Stencil To Cut Your Morning Makeup Time

BOYON Eyebrow Shaper Stencils, $0.99 (24 Piece), Amazon

The perfect brow is tough to master, so just use these eyebrow stencils instead. You get 24 options, so you're sure to find your ideal shape. They're great for filling in your eyebrows with powder or pencil, or you can even use them to guide you during tweezing.

11. The Garlic Crusher That Keeps Your Hands Clean

Kemilove Multifunctional Garlic Crusher, $0.99, Amazon

Instead of getting that garlic smell all over your hands, use this garlic crusher instead. Pop the cloves into the gadget, crank away, and you'll have perfectly minced garlic for all your home cooked meals.

12. The Applicator That Makes False Lashes Easy

SANNYSIS Magnetic Eyelash Applicator, $0.86, Amazon

If you're not wearing as many false lashes as you'd like because they're so hard to apply, this applicator is here to come to your rescue. The ergonomic design makes putting on lashes a million times easier and results in way fewer poked eyes.

13. The Reusable Bag For All Your Groceries

Two Years Mesh Net Reusable Shopping Bag, $0.99, Amazon

If you want to be a little greener without spending much cash, this bag is the answer. It's a great reusable grocery bag that's small enough to fit into your purse, so it's always around for unexpected trips to the store.

14. The Dispenser That Keeps Your Cotton Swabs In Order

Hosaire Cotton Swab Holder, $0.75, Amazon

Cotton swabs always seem to end up everywhere, but you can keep them all in one place with this dispenser. The cute clean container keeps all your swabs neat and within reach, and you can use it for other little items, too!

15. The Kitchen Guard That Prevents Unwanted Cuts

Geniuskids Steel Hand Guard, $0.01, Amazon

You might have seen a lot of episodes of Master Chef, but if your cutting technique is far from professional, try this finger guard. The steel guard fits around your finger and ensures that you cut only the veggies.

16. The Organizer That Keeps Your Pills In One Place

Vibola Round Shaped Clear 7 Day Drug Organizer, $0.99, Amazon

Never miss a vitamin or pill with this seven-day organizer. There's space for multiple pills and each little container shows you the day of the week, so you never lose track of your medication schedule.

17. The Tiny Frother For Next Level Coffee

FAPIZI Fashion Hot Drinks Milk Frother, $0.80, Amazon

You won't need a fancy espresso machine for at-home lattes if you have this cute little frother around. The tiny whisk froths up your milk so you can have an extra delicious coffee or tea whenever you like.

18. The Wand That Keeps Your Mascara From Getting Everywhere

Make Up Mascara Shield, $0.99, Amazon

If your mascara gets messy, this makeup shield might save you tons of time on your morning routine. Just set the shield under your eye, add your mascara, and you're left with a flawless finish with no clean up necessary.

19. The Scour That Gives Your Dishes A Deep Clean

Iansue Metal Scouring Pads with Handle, $0.99, Amazon

No matter what state your dishes are in, they'll be scrubbed clean with this scour. The metal pad gets off all the baked on gunk, while the pretty pink handle makes it ease to use and maneuver — and the steel wool can be easily replaced once it gets used up.

20. These Colorful Clips That Have Tons Of Uses

V-Victoria Durable Large Plastic Clothespins, $0.99 (4 Piece), Amazon

Whether you need to hang up wet clothes or keep your bag of chips closed, these clips do it all. It's also great for clipping towels down to your chair on the beach. They're heavy duty, durable, and come in a neon rainbow of beautiful colors.

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