21 Clever Things on Amazon Under $1 That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

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Life is hard. You've got to hustle at work, keep yourself organized, and still fit some time in for a Netflix binge. Sometimes, getting all that done feels impossible, but there are things out there that make life a little easier — and some of those products are less than $1.

For less than a can of iced tea, you can get things that will save you lots of time and trouble. Have a messy microwave? Get a splash guard to protect against any unwanted marinara sauce explosions. Want to make your makeup brushes last? Try a cute little washing pad that gets all the gunk out of your favorite applicators. Each of these products makes cleaning easier and saves you money in the long run. That's a pretty good value for a handful of change.

Some of these under $1 products even solve problems you never thought you’d solve. Ever heard of peel-off base coat? It's a latex polish you put on your cuticles, then peel away when you're done painting. It's the easiest possible way to a great manicure, and it’s on Amazon for a few quarters. That's a small price to pay for something that makes your life so much easier.

So, if you want to solve household problems and save tons of cash, check out these amazing products for under a dollar. It turns out 100 pennies can still make a real difference in your life.

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