21 Feminist Not My Presidents Day Sign Ideas

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If you're one of the thousands of people planning to participate in Not My Presidents Day protests on Feb. 20, why not consider a few feminist ideas for Not My Presidents Day protest signs to bring along? For those of you with a regular nine-to-five job, chances are you've got Feb. 20 off thanks to Presidents Day, a designated holiday in the United States. While Presidents Day is usually an opportunity for folks to get some extra shuteye, this year is different. Instead, marches will be held all over the nation to protest against Donald Trump's policies and administration.

Ever since (and even before) the Women's March took place on Jan. 21, rallies have been taking place almost every day. Around 3.3 million Americans protested in the Women's March in the United States and the event even spread worldwide, showing that a disproportionate number of people who believe in intersectional feminism and equality for all. Not to mention, Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in the presidential election by almost three million votes. Clearly, many, many Americans do not believe Trump is working in their best interests and therefore don't consider him to be their president.

Now that Donald Trump has been president for about four weeks (has it really been that short of a time?), the Not My Presidents Day protests are the perfect time for people from all backgrounds to continue the resistance movement. Here are 21 ideas for making your protest signs feminist:


Incorporate A Few Hashtags


Add A Play On Words (And Dress Up, Too!)

For the nifty and crafty, check out more costume ideas here.


Address Trump Directly


Give Trump A Dose Of His Own Medicine


Turn MAGA Into A Feminist Mantra


Add A Bit Of Humor

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Make It Yuuuuuge

Say it loud, say it proud!


Remind Trump Who's Really In Charge

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We're Not Going Away


Let Lady Liberty Say It All

People should be allowed to live, work, and be happy in the United States regardless of who they are or where they come from. Period. That's literally the American dream.


Say It In One Word


Give Hope

Sometimes, that's all you need.


We Will Persist

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Use A Powerful Symbol


Pictures Say A Thousand Words


Include A Fair Warning

We are watching, Donald Trump.


Quote An Activist


Repeat This Refrain

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Break Down Gender Stereotypes

A woman has every right to complain, stand up for herself and others, and speak out against injustices. The world should never believe otherwise, and that includes Trump.


All. Of. The. Stereotypes.


Refuse To Be Complacent

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No matter what message you end up including in your sign for Not My Presidents Day, don't be afraid to make your voice heard.