21 Playlists To Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde This Month


Are you ready for things to get a little shaken up in your normal routine? Hopefully you are, because Mar. 5 is the first day that Mercury goes retrograde, which is almost guaranteed to make life a little bit more frustrating and complicated. On Mar. 5, Mercury will appear to be moving backwards from here on Earth, and we will all feel the effects down here. Mercury retrograde, which lasts until Mar. 28, is going to leave you feeling less proactive, make you question yourself, cause you to feel less motivated to push forward with something, allow for some minor and major setbacks, and generally make things more difficult than they should be. And one thing you can turn to, through all of that, is music. A good playlist will get you in the right frame of mind, even through all the bad stuff, which is why you need to have some on hold. Below are a bunch of playlists that will help you survive Mercury retrograde throughout the month of March.

While this all might sound pretty bleak, it's really not that bad. Mercury retrograde may be a time of annoying situations, but it's also a good time to step back and reflect on your life rather than pushing yourself to move forward. It might be the small break you need to get your thoughts together before you move on into the next chapter of your life. Look at it that way, and it doesn't seem as bad!

Keep the below playlists saved for the next few weeks, and they'll cover whatever mood you're in. Happy listening and good luck!


When You Need A Boost

Mercury Retrograde can be a bit of a downer sometimes. This playlist is full of unique, upbeat songs that will keep your spirits high when you need it the most.


When You're Feeling Exhausted

With all of the things that are happening, Mercury retrograde can be an exhausting time. This playlist is nice to listen to when you're overwhelmed and just want to zone out.


When You Need Extra Energy

Feeling like you need something to get through the day? Try this playlist full of bouncy hits that will give you the energy and motivation you need.


When You Just Can't Deal

Not in the mood to talk to anyone? Put on this super long playlist and you're set for the day. It's full of a mix of more energetic songs and some that will soothe you.


When You Want Something Different

Not in the mood for your typical music? Try this playlist, which is full of alternative hits that will get you going.


When You Need To Calm Down and Focus

Mercury retrograde can make even the most simple tasks feel more difficult. If you find that it's hard for you to quiet your head enough to focus, try listening to these songs that are made specifically for that issue.


When You Need Help Sleeping

If Mercury retrograde is stressing you out a lot, you may have trouble dozing off. Enter this playlist, which is full of calming songs and the most soothing sounds.


When You Need Some Self-Care

Mercury retrograde is a good time to reflect and focus on yourself, so it's a great time to indulge in some self-care. Try taking a bath, and definitely listen to this playlist while you do.


When It's Time To Reflect

Speaking of reflecting, this is definitely something you should make time for during this period. This playlist is full of dreamy songs that will keep you stuck in your own head.


When It's Time To Meditate

Because Mercury retrograde is such a good time to reflect and think, it's a great time to practice meditation. Music is always helpful when trying to get in the meditation zone, so use this playlist to help you completely zen out.


When You Need To Blow Off Some Steam

Mercury retrograde may leave you feeling more tense and frustrated than usual. If so, exercise is an excellent way to let those emotions out in a healthy way. This playlist is full of energizing songs that will motivate you right through.


When You're REALLY Angry

Feeling too annoyed with something to function? Put on a playlist like this one, full of songs you can scream along to, to let it all out.


When You Need To Be Brought Back Down

Got all that anger out? Great - now you need to wind down. Use this playlist of calming, relaxing music to become stress-free.


When You're Stuck In Traffic

Mercury retrograde has as really annoying tendency to make travel as frustrating as it can be. If you're sitting in hours of traffic, turn on this playlist to keep your spirits up.


When You Need A Reminder To Be Happy

If everything is getting you down, try out this playlist. It's full of feel-good songs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


When You're Feeling Lost

Communication problems causing relationship problems? Grab some ice cream and wallow in your sorrows with this playlist that understands your problems.


When You're Going Through A Breakup

If Mercury retrograde brings your relationship to this point, this playlist is the perfect way to get through it. It's all songs about ending things and will totally describe how you feel.


When You Have A Big Project Or Test Coming Up

This three week period of time can make it tough to focus on anything, but you can't always ignore your responsibilities. Use this playlist to get in the zone while studying or working.


When You're On A Road Trip

Traveling isn't advisable during Mercury retrograde, but it happens! If you're going on a road trip, expect some complications, and use this music to get through it.


When You're Just Feeling Weird

Feeling out of sorts? Blame Mercury retrograde! And turn on this super fun playlist.


When You're Trying To Tune Out The Noise

This playlist is full of beautiful instrumental music to help you tune out everyone else's words.