21 Products For People Who Are Obsessed With Scary Movies

Courtesy of Brands

This is one of the best times of the year, and not just because the weather is cooling off so we can all start wearing leggings and stop shaving our legs. Halloween is around the corner. Any true horror fan knows, though, that every day is the perfect day to celebrate the scary and the spooky. If this is you, you're going to love these 21 products for people who are obsessed with scary movies, because people like us don't know the meaning of "over the top."

The horror community is a big one, and we're always here, lurking, watching, breathing loudly, waiting for the next Halloween remake to come out. But around the best holiday ever is when we really come out of our shells and live it up with all of the most terrifying horror films, our Stranger Things-themed home decor, and our favorite scary podcasts. We are in our element.

You can never have too much horror, though. If you love the gore, the blood, the scares, and the screams, if you love when a movie startles you so bad that you can't sleep at night, I'm guessing you'll go crazy for these 21 things, which will warm your black, cold, dead, shriveled, dusty, horror movie-obsessed heart.

1Freddy Krueger Lawn Gnome

Morbid Enterprises Freddy Krueger Lawn Gnome


Other people put angels, fairies, and cute little trolls in their garden. You're not other people. Your neighbors are going to be so happy.

2Michael Myers Wreath

Michael Myers! Halloween Wreath


Can you think of a better way to welcome people to your front door than with this heartwarming wreath? Me either. Buy it from flashydesignco on Etsy.

3Zombie Curtains

Zombie Room Darkening Wide Curtains


Zombie fans, this is right up your alley. Your home decor is going to be *so* on point.

4Bates Motel Keychain

Bates Motel Keychain


This keychain from WellDoneGoods on Etsy is iconic of one of the most famous hotels in movie history. Now you can have a little piece of it.

5Horror Cookbook

Kitchen Overlord's Dead Delicious Horror Cookbook


A cookbook that shows you how to prepare food that looks like human body parts? That sounds delicious! Treat your friends and family to a horrifically gore-met feast.

6Bloody Cereal Bowl

Cereal Killer Bowl


Cereal killer... serial killer.... Get it? Lolz! This bowl looks like it maybe needs to go through the dishwasher one more time, but horror fans will love it for their frosted flakes each morning. Shop with LennyMud on Etsy.

7Coffin Incense Holder

Incense Burner


WoodCore on Etsy knows what's up with these coffin incense holders that are certainly better than the plain wooden tray I'm currently using. Channel your inner horror movie vibes while you fill your room with the smell of patchouli.

8Zombie Salt And Pepper Shaker With Holder

Evil Undead Zombie Head Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


How have you gotten through a single meal without this thing? There's simply no other appropriate way to season your food.

9Zen Garden

Halloween Mini Zen Garden


Isn't this what all zen gardens look like? Get it from TheIndigoOrchid on Etsy.

10Bloody Apron

Ambesonne Horror House Apron


How else were your planning on protecting your clothes while you slave away in the kitchen preparing meals from your horror cookbook, hm?

11Bloody Face Phone Case

Evil Phonecase


I'm not sure who'd want to carry this around with them, because I'd pee my pants every time I looked down into my purse, but whatever floats your boat. These phone cases are very appropriately made from EyesNFlesh on Etsy.

12Bloody Shower Curtain

Bloody Curtains


Your life is never going to be the same, because this seemingly ordinary shower curtain turns bloody when it gets wet, and my current excitement is at approximately Christmas morning-level.

13Heart Soap

Black Heart Soap


It's not exactly what you had in mind when you thought of heart soap, right? No. It's a million times better. This comes from (wait for it) ParanormalBathtivity on Etsy.

14Ouija Board Coffee Table

Probest Ouija Coffee Table


Be careful about what spirits you let into your home, but if you do let them in, I'm guessing they're going to love this coffee table.

15Psycho Candle

Psycho Inspired Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho Bloody Candle


It was the movie that made all of us terrified of the shower, and now you can have the candle version of it. Find these on Etsy from Amerixanax.

16Funko Pop! Dolls

17Love Sign

Horror Movie Love Wooden Sign


Now this is what I call true love. Your home is going to look *so* Pinterest-worthy with this hanging up on the wall. Shop with HowGreatThouArts on Etsy.

18Chucky Doll

Bride of Chucky Memorabilia


Isn't this just the perfect addition to your collection? Sure, it's not a porcelain china doll. Minor details.

19Halloween Holiday Card

Holiday Greeting Card Michael Myers Halloween Reindeer


'Tis the season to scare the crap out of all your friends and family! Falalalalalalalalalalalalalalal. (Those are the lyrics, right?) Etsy seller GhostRose is the magician behind these horror holiday cards.

20Amuck Tumbler

Amuck Amuck Amuck Hocus Pocus Witch Horror Tumbler Cup


Hocus Pocus counts as a horror flick, and we all need this tumbler in our lives in order to stay hydrated in the best way possible. Get it from merchmassacre on Etsy.

21Wall Clock

Beetlejuice Horror Movie Wall Clock


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! This might be the very best way to tell time. Get one from LeonidCraftsUA on Etsy.