21 Products For People Who Love To Eat

If your first thoughts upon waking in the morning are what you're going to have for breakfast, you're probably obsessed with food, and I salute you. Nothing puts the pep back in my step like parking my rump in front of the TV with an old episode of Sex and the City and a bag of cheese puffs. If life gets in the way of your meals and you love no place more than the Taco Bell drive-thru, you're going to relate to these 21 products for people who love to eat so hard.

Why do we love eating so much? For starters, food tastes good, obvi. You haven't lived until you've toasted up a piece of rye bread, spread some mashed avocado on it, and then topped it off with a fried egg that you cut open and the yolk oozes out everywhere.

I'm going to need just a minute here.

*Ahem* Anyway.

There's more to it than that, though. Research suggests that certain kinds of food, especially fast-acting carbs (think bagels and sweets), actually affect the parts of your brain related to pleasure and reward.

Food can change you — and not just in the way Reddi-Wip's dairy-free whipped topping changed me because now I can eat it and not die after.

I mean food can, like, change you on a brainy level.

If you're all about finding the perfect brunch spot and having a "midnight snack" at 9 p.m., keep reading. These 21 products are for you.