21 Moments From 'The Office' That Will STILL Make You Laugh Out Loud


It's been more than six years since The Office went off the air for good, but that doesn't mean it's lost any of its popularity — ask any fan, and they'll still be able to list off moments from The Office that still make them laugh. In fact, since Gen Z singer Billie Eilish sampled audio from the show in her song "My Strange Addiction" and later passed Rainn Wilson's Office trivia test in a Billboard video that currently has over 7 million views, one could argue that the beloved mockumentary comedy remains as relevant in 2019 as it did in its heyday of the late 2000s and early 2010s.

Not every joke made on the show stands the test of time, of course. Some even wonder whether The Office as a concept is problematic when scrutinized in the context of current conversations about workplace behavior. Certain episodes also still prove to be divisive, years later (I still can't watch "Scott's Tots"). But when the show was good, it was good — the humor was on-point, the characters were delightfully ridiculous yet realistic, and people continued to quote those moments for years afterward.

Whether you loved the show while it was on or marathoned the series after the fact on Netflix, here are some of the funniest moments from The Office that will make you laugh a second time around.


Jim Attempts Identity Theft


In Season 3, Jim comes to the office dressed just like Dwight, glasses and all, and nails the impersonation down to his impression of Dwight's know-it-all manner of speech. The moment is funny on its own, but Dwight's serious reaction — "Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!" — makes it iconic.


Erin & Andy's Not-Quite-Rhyming Song

When Dunder Mifflin welcomes new company Sabre to the office in Season 6, Erin and Andy go above and beyond by writing "Dunder Mifflin Is A Part of Sabre," sung to the tune of Miley Cyrus' hit song "Party in the USA." The only problem? They learn the company's name is pronounced "Saber" and not "Sabray," throwing off every clever lyrical rhyme they thought of.


Michael Isn't Invited To Jim's Barbecue


In Season 2, Michael monitors the employees' emails and stumbles across an invitation to a barbecue that Jim purposely did not invite Michael to. His attempts to get everyone to spill the beans about the party as they leave the office spawns excuses from a charity bake drive (Angela) to the Alaska Film Festival (Kevin).


Jim Threatens Dwight (With Love)


Just because Dwight is given the title of (Acting) Manager in this Season 7 episode, that doesn't mean Jim still won't mess with him. When Dwight threatens to fire him once he gets promoted, Jim one-upped him in his best seductive voice: "If you get promoted, and if you haven't fallen in love with me by then." Scary stuff.


Kevin's Chili Incident

Pretty much every fan of The Office recalls this cold open from "Casual Friday," when Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) brings in his so-called "famous" chili, only to spill it on the floor. The mess he made while trying to clean it up apparently caused Baumgartner to smell like chili even after several showers, according to an interview he did with Entertainment Weekly in May 2013.


The Server Password


The cold opens are some of the most memorable scenes of the show, and this one is no exception: When the server goes down after a power outage in Season 7, the employees of Dunder Mifflin start throwing out suggestions for what the password might be. The answer ("bigboobz" — with a Z!) is, uh, not exactly safe for work.


Michael's Plasma TV


In Season 4, Jim and Pam visit Jan and Michael for dinner, and Michael shows off his plasma TV (and how it can fold into the wall), which is smaller than some laptops. Bonus: The bloopers from this scene are even funnier than the scene itself.


Stanley On Pretzel Day


Stanley is not usually one to express much emotion, but Pretzel Day is a different story. In Season 3, he and Michael even have an unlikely bonding moment over the free pretzels that are brought into the office, when Phyllis was "saying hi" to her husband (aka, cutting in line, the worst possible offense).


Ryan Realizes His Mistake


In a Season 2 episode, Kelly excitedly reveals to Jim that she and Ryan finally hooked up on Feb. 13, meaning she has a boyfriend for Valentine's Day. Ryan, who hadn't realized the date, is not as pleased about this development.


Pam's Dundies Speech


Pam starts to get drunk toward the end of the Dundies in Season 2, prompting her to act way less reserved than she usually is. When she wins the award for Whitest Sneakers, her speech includes the oh-so-quotable line, "I feel God in this Chili's tonight."


Michael Drives Into A Lake


Michael and Dwight are on a mission to visit old clients and win back their business in this Season 4 episode, but Michael follows the GPS' instructions a little too well and drives them into Lake Scranton. As expected, Dwight is prepared to rescue them.


Creed's Matchmaking Fail


In Season 5, Creed attempts to set Jim up with his daughter, but when Jim tells him he's engaged to Pam, Creed responds, "I thought you were gay."

"Then why would you want to set me up with your daughter?" Jim asks. Creed, still serious, says, "I don't know." Oh, Creed.


Michael's Post-Grill Injury Phone Call


Michael enjoys having breakfast in bed and waking up to the smell of bacon, but when this leads him to burn his foot on his George Foreman Grill, he calls into the office in pain to demand help in this Season 2 episode.


Kelly Makes A Sports Metaphor


In Season 2, Jan hosts a seminar for the women of Dunder Mifflin, which includes learning sports terminology to avoid being left out of conversations in the workplace. Kelly decides to tease Jan about her relationship with Michael by wondering about the meaning of the term "second base."


Angela (Tries to) Save Bandit The Cat

The office freaks out during Dwight's fire drill in Season 5, and after Oscar tries to climb through the ceiling, Angela throws her cat, Bandit (who had been inside a filing cabinet) after him. Her efforts don't do much good, but they are pretty funny.


Creed Demonstrates Toby's Self-Defense Tips


In Season 8, Andy asks Toby to teach the office self-defense skills, and his advice is to "Strike, Scream, Run." When Toby suggests doing some practice, Creed gets a little too into it by striking an unsuspecting Meredith, screaming, and running out of the office. But hey, he was just following instructions.


Andy & Dwight Duel Each Other


After learning about Angela's affair with Dwight in Season 5, the men decide to duel in the parking lot. Though Dwight thinks he has the upper hand, Andy surprises him by pinning him against the hedge with his car. Meanwhile, the other employees watch in fascination from the office window.


The Appearance Of Asian Jim


Randall Park took over for John Krasinski in this Season 9 cold open, mastering his classic "look into the camera" move. Pam and Jim went all out for this prank on Dwight, down to recreated family photos and a kiss between Pam and "Jim."




Dwight's earth-saving (and later earth-destroying) alter-ego wreaks havoc in the office on Earth Day in this Season 6 episode. Jim also provides some insight into Recyclops' origin story, in which he "renounced Earth Day and vowed to destroy the planet he once loved."


Dwight Asks Toby For Help


Because Toby works in human resources, Dwight seeks him out for help with questions about "human anatomy," as Toby puts it. You can imagine how many takes Rainn Wilson had to do to whisper, "Where is the clitoris?" with a straight face — in fact, the bloopers of this scene from Season 2 make it even better.


Oscar Asks, "Where, Dwight? Where?"


During Season 5, Dwight admits to having intercourse in the office with Angela, and Oscar demands to know where. Horror begins to dawn on Oscar as he realizes the truth (his desk — yikes).

With a whopping 201 episodes, there's no shortage of moments in The Office that will continue to provide laughter, even years after the show finished its run. These beloved characters may have finished their time at Dunder Mifflin, but hey, why not just rewatch the whole thing again?