These Scenes Prove Why Tyrion Is The Best 'Game Of Thrones' Character

Macall B. Polay/HBO

As the most popular television series of all time approaches its endgame, with the first of two shortened final seasons, it's time to start reflecting on the show's storied history and lasting legacy… like all of Tyrion's best Game Of Thrones moments, for example.

The youngest Lannister sibling has been on quite the journey over the past six seasons of Thrones — a journey that has provided no lack of quotable one-liners, stirring speeches, and tear-jerking scenes. He has evolved from the carefree "Imp" of Season 1 into a strategically effective Hand of the King, then was thanklessly demoted to Master of Coin before being falsely accused of his nephew's murder, after which he killed his own father and fled into self-imposed exile in Essos, where he met up with the heir of the dynasty his own family helped overthrow, only to prove his worth and become Daenerys Targaryen's Hand of the Queen.

What will Seasons 7 and 8 have in store for Tyrion? It's impossible to tell, given how far off the beaten path of George R.R. Martin's source material the show has moved. But before viewers find out what Tyrion gets up to next, let's reflect on all the awesome moments he's already had:

1. When He Slapped Joffrey

It's a testament to young Jack Gleeson's expertly sniveling performance that every viewer already wanted to smack Joffrey in the face in only the show's second episode. It was almost as satisfying to watch Tyrion do it. Almost.

2. When He Designed A Saddle

Most people don't think very highly of the Lannisters, but Tyrion set himself apart from the rest of his family when he presented Bran with an unexpected gift, citing his affinity for "cripples, bastards, and broken things."

3. When He Confessed His Crimes

Dragged to the Eyrie to answer for a crime he didn't commit, Tyrion instead confessed to an entirely different sort of crime in a hilarious scene that gave viewers four new euphemisms for the act of self-love.

4. When He Schooled Cersei

Tyrion's first confrontation with his spiteful sister after being promoted to Hand of the King is a doozy. "You love your children. It's your one redeeming quality; that, and your cheekbones." Or how about, "It must be odd for you, to be the disappointing child." Cersei's gonna need some ice for those sick burns.

5. When He Impugned Janos Slynt's Honor

"I'm not questioning your honor, Ser Janos. I'm denying its existence." Aaaaand boom goes the dynamite.

6. When He Ferreted Out A Spy

Tyrion proved what an expert political player he was in this clever montage, which saw him ply three Small Council members with different versions of the same plan, so he could learn which one was whispering in Cersei's ear.

7. When He Threatened Meryn Trant

"I'm not threatening the king, Ser, I am educating my nephew. Bronn, the next time Ser Meryn speaks, kill him. That was a threat. See the difference?" More than one person got educated that day.

8. When He Slapped Joffrey (Again)

What's better than getting to slap Joffrey once? Slapping him twice, of course! Tyrion repeated his epic smackdown after the petulant boy king instigated a riot. I think Joffrey got off lightly, all things considered.

9. When He Made Up A New God

"The Lord of Light wants his enemies burned, the Drowned God wants them drowned. Why are all the gods such vicious c*nts? Where is the god of tits and wine?" Good question.

10. When He Gave A Speech

As far as inspirational pre-battle speeches go, Tyrion's — "Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!" — is simple but effective.

11. When He Moved His Chair

Has there ever been a scene on Thrones that so hilariously summed up the various King's Landing power struggles without a single line of dialogue? How all of the actors kept a straight face during this sequence, I'll never know.

12. When He Treated Sansa With Respect

Given how things would turn out on her second wedding night, it's a relief that Tyrion treated young Sansa with such kindness after their ceremony, declaring his intention to wait until Sansa wanted him — even if that was never.

13. When He Fired Podrick

The most tear-jerking eight words in Game Of Thrones history: "There has never lived a more loyal squire." *sobs*

14. When He Confessed His Crimes (Again)

Tyrion's so cool he gets not one but two scenes where he confesses crimes other than the one he's being (falsely) accused of. In this case, the result is less hilarious and more epic as he shreds everyone within earshot for their ingratitude.

15. When He Committed Patricide

While strangling Shae may not have been Tyrion's proudest moment, putting a couple of crossbow bolts in his domineering father was much more deserved.

16. When He Haggled With A Slaver

Always quick-witted and fast on his feet, he managed to keep the slavers from breaking up the brand new Tyrion/Jorah dream team with an unexpected display of prowess both mental and physical.

17. When He Bonded With Daenerys

Granted, two crappy fathers gave the Lannister and the Targaryen — who should be sworn enemies under any other circumstance — plenty of material to bond over.

18. When He Drank & Knew Things

Is there a more iconic line in all of Thrones history than Tyrion's self-aware declaration that, "That's what I do: I drink and I know things"? (It was the instant a thousand t-shirt designs and internet memes were born.)

19. When He Tamed A Dragon

No one can tame a dragon… unless you're either their mother or named Tyrion Lannister, apparently. (Now can we see him ride one? Pretty please?)

20. When He Taught Comedy Lessons

As hilarious as this scene is, I'm upset we still don't know the end to Tyrion's infamous unfinished joke about the brothel, the honeycomb, and the jackass.

21. When He Became Dany's Hand

Things came full circle for Tyrion, four seasons after serving as Joffrey's Hand of the King, when he was declared Dany's Hand of the Queen. Like his earlier scene with Pod, this is easily one of Thrones' most tear-inducing scenes.

Will any new Tyrion moments in Season 7 top these 21 highlights? Fans will find out when the new season premieres on July 16.