21 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Coworker, The Only One In The Office Who "Gets You"


The concept of a "work husband" or "work wife" is often a tricky one, especially if you're already attached to someone else. But most people understand the boundaries and realize that a "work husband" or "work wife" is simply the person who you can rely on more than anyone in the office — and while Valentine's Day is seen as a day for lovers, it's also a great day to find Valentine's Day gifts for your coworker to let them know how much you appreciate their constant camaraderie. Heck, if it weren't for your work friends, you would have quit your dysfunctional office years ago.

The perfect gift for your work spouse doesn't necessarily need to fall into the "flowers and chocolates" category, and unless you want to take your work relationship to another level, it's probably best to steer clear of presents that give any sort of romantic vibe. Instead, the gift you'll want to get should focus on the friendship that you have. Think about the teapot full of private jokes that Jim gave to Pam on The Office (minus the mysterious love card). A tiny golf pencil and a packet of hot sauce might not make sense to most people, but they represented small moments that they shared. Given that your work spouse shares the same sense of humor of you (which is a must when dealing with office life), chances are you'll have a few mementos of your own that might be worth compiling.

If you're still coming up blank, here are a few more gift ideas that'll be absolutely perfect for the occasion.

1. Vintage Pen Holder

Desks get messy, so this cool gift will help your coworker get a little more organized. If they are into rustic style, they'll definitely appreciate the thought involved.

2. The Beer Briefcase

Does your work spouse enjoy happy hour more than everything else in the world? This gift looks office-appropriate, but is probably more appropriate for hanging out at a friend's house on a Friday night. (Unless your office is super, super casual.)

3. "Book & Hero" Bookend

At my last office job, I asked if there were any available bookends in the supply closet for my multiple manuals, and the office manager huffed and gave me two pieces of a broken metal desk. "That works, right?" Being new, I didn't want to cause any trouble. And I tried my hardest to decorate my possibly-hazardous metal clump. What I'm saying is, if someone gifted me one of these amazing bookends from Amazon, I wouldn't have complained.

4. "Seriously?" Sticky Notes

Every job has that one person who makes your blood boil — whether it be a boss that loves to give out pointless busy work, or a salesman who talks himself out of every sale, yet still makes more money than you. If you and your fave coworker like to discuss similar war stories and "seriously?" moments, these sticky notes will help you keep track.

5. Nautical Mug

If you don't want to stick to traditional V-Day colors, this mug might be perfect for your coffee-loving work friend. Obviously they'll be dreaming of sailing far, far away from the office when they use it.

6. Cocktail Glass

If you and your work BFF are like peanut butter and jelly, this cute cocktail glass from Zazzle might be perfect. Note that this can be seen as either romantic or friendly, but definitely showcases the connection that you have with each other.

7. "Work Husband" Cubicle Decor

Your work husband can hang this in his cubicle to display to all new hires that he's already taken. And if you have a work wife, have no fear — TheFunnyStitch over on Etsy offers a similar embroidery for you, as well.

8. Air Plants

If your work spouse has a cubicle with hardly any light, these air plants might be a breath of fresh air. Air plants are notorious for being low maintenance, and only require a few spritzes of water on occasion. This listing from AirPlantDesignCenter on Etsy includes both the plants and holders in one. Without a doubt, they'll last much longer than flowers.

9. Valentine's Day Cupcake Kit

If your work spouse has an actual spouse at home, they might enjoy this gift — it's the equivalent of you saying, "Please, bake delicious treats with your loved one!" Who doesn't love a holiday that inspires delicious baked goods?

10. Toasty Hand Warmers

I don't know anyone who wouldn't appreciate a gift like this. It's a known fact that offices often get cold, and it's especially cold on Valentine's Day. These cute mitts will allow your coworker to keep on typing, regardless of the temperature.

11. Dwight Schrute iPhone Case

Chances are, you both like The Office. If you two are constantly comparing your boss to Michael Scott, your work friend will totally appreciate this amazing Dwight Schrute case to jazz up their cell phone.

12. Sonic Meeting Disruptor

If you two love to prank, and have no fear of getting fired for pranks, this sonic meeting disrupter might be a fun little gift. Chances are, it'll be even better if you work in a very large office, so that you have more people to blame once it goes off.

13. Giant Gummy Cola Bottle

Does your coworker have a tradition of grabbing a soda from the vending machine to try and stay awake during the late afternoon? If they're loyal to their product, this giant gummy might be a fun little Valentine's Day present. This thing is almost a full pound of gummy, and they last quite a while, even if your work partner has a serious sweet tooth.

14. Pizza Slice Lip Balm

Everyone needs a good lip balm this season, and if it kinda-sorta tastes or smells like pizza? Even better. This gift could easily be part of a "theme" — pick up a gift card to your local pizza shop, and offer your coworker lunch as well. Nothing bonds coworkers like lunch. Especially if that lunch is pizza.

15. Mason Jar Cookies

Here's a way to give a sweet treat without making your coworker think that you expect the work relationship to escalate into anything more. The only other ingredients that your baker will need will be eggs and butter — everything else is already included in the mason jar.

16. Life Story Journal

For the creative coworker who might have a passion for writing, here's a chance for them to tell their story. This gift from UncommonGoods is amazing, since it proves that you A) realize they have a story to tell, and B) know they'll truly benefit from having them jot it down.

17. "I Love Pretzel Day" Tote

Another fun gift for a fan of The Office, and a practical one, at that. If your fave coworker values important employee annual traditions, such as Pretzel Day, they'll likely get a kick out of this gift. Even Stanley Hudson would appreciate this tote.

18. "A Very Vader Valentine's Day"

This book is technically aimed at kids, but most of the reviews are from adults who bought it for their partners as a V-Day add-on. It includes Valentine's Day cards (that your Star Wars fanatic work friend may or may not use), but also talks about the most important friendships in the Star Wars Universe. It's a perfect way to celebrate the day with a friend.

19. Desktop Punching Bag

This desktop punching bag will give your coworker a way to let out any pent-up emotions on stressful days in the office. Or, if they're on a health kick, this gift will let them get some extra workouts in from the comfort of their desk.

20. Heated Wrap

Is your deskmate always complaining about the office AC? Get them this heated wrap so they'll be warm and toasty the next time your office manager blasts the air.

21. Soy Candles

Few gifts are as universally loved as a quality scented candle. Select one in a fresh scent for your coworker who loves to go home, relax, and let the days problems melt away.

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