22 Celebrities Who Starred In Christmas Made-For-TV Movies That You Forgot About

Hallmark Channel/YouTube

Appearing in a made for TV Christmas movie is almost a rite of passage for most actors. Thus, it likely goes without saying that the celebrities in made for TV Christmas movies aren't just obscure names that only a true thespian fan would know; some A-listers can be found in these classic holiday films as well.

That can be kind of a bummer, though, since TV movies are fewer and far between now that people opt for streaming sites like Netflix and HBO Go. Luckily, you can find plenty of Hallmark Channel and Lifetime made-for-TV Christmas movies on Netflix. Or you could always go visit your grandma and marathon some old Christmas movies with her on actual Hallmark Channel.

No matter how you get your hands on these movies, you're not alone in your urge to watch them. And that's because, corny as they may be, the Christmas movies that air on TV capture everything that anyone could ask for from the holiday seasons. Comfort. Joy. Celebrities you know from other things who are being reimagined in a brand new, holiday context. Even if you hate the movies themselves, you have to appreciate what these celebrities managed to do with the material.

1) & 2) Melissa Joan Hart & Mario Lopez, 'Holiday in Handcuffs'

Lopez's abs are a holiday treat that nobody saw coming.

3) Jason Alexander, 'The Man Who Saved Christmas'


Did you ever think you would see George Costanza in a Christmas movie? Well, here is your chance.

4) Kristin Chenoweth, '12 Men Of Christmas'

Chenoweth plays a workaholic, which, as everyone knows, doesn't bode well with holidays.

5) Molly Ringwald, 'Wishin' and Hopin''

This Lifetime movie will take you back to the '60s when "being defiant" led to some major — or a "manger", if you will — punishments.

6) Neil Patrick Harris, 'The Christmas Blessing'

This Hallmark Channel classic is a surprisingly religious role for NPH. Oh, and Rob Lowe stars in this movie as well.

7) Sarah Paulson, 'A Christmas Wedding'

This 2006 film has some other familiar faces, including Eric Mabius and George Buza, who plays Santa in a lot of made for TV Christmas movies.

8) Lacey Chabert, 'Family For Christmas'

This actually isn't the Mean Girls star's only Christmas movie; she stars in seven Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, in fact. As it turns out, the Jingle Bell Rock dance had a lasting effect on the actress.

9) Reba McEntire, 'Secret Of Giving'

This 1999 film shows McEntire in the period piece you never knew you needed.

10) & 11) Carla Gugino & Laura Dern, 'A Season for Miracles'

Also starring Kathy Baker and Mae Whitman, this Hallmark movie is stacked with celebs.

12) & 13) Melissa Gilbert & Michelle Trachtenberg, 'A Holiday For Love'

Jaffe/Braunstein Films/YouTube

Gilbert plays a single mother who falls in love around the holidays. Yes, it's sappy, but isn't that the whole point?

14) Rob Lowe, 'The Christmas Shoes'

Rob Lowe's role in this one couldn't be more different from his role in Parks and Recreation.

15) Dolly Parton, 'Unlikely Angel'


Parton always has the voice of an angel, but, in this movie, she is an angel.

16) Vivica A. Fox, 'Annie Claus is Coming to Town'

Fox plays Lucy, the owner of the Candy Cane Inn that Santa's daughter visits when she leaves the North Pole for L.A.

17) Carrie Fisher, 'It's Christmas, Carol!' (2012)

While When Harry Met Sally may address Christmas, it's not necessarily a Christmas movie. Thus, fans of Fisher should turn to this Hallmark movie for a very Carrie Christmas.

18) Ashanti, 'Christmas In The City'

While the plot of this Christmas movie raises a few questions — like why is working at a department store so dramatic? — the most important thing is that Ashanti is in it, and she can do no wrong.

19) Shiri Appleby, 'Kristin's Christmas Past'


Appleby stars as Kristin, who travels back to Christmas Eve, 1996, to fix her past.

20), 21), & 22) Mandy Moore, Cheri Oteri, & Mary-Louise Parker, 'Christmas in Conway'

Parker plays the sick wife of a man who takes a Christmas decorating competition very seriously and, in doing so, drives Oteri's character crazy. There's no time like the holidays to annoy your neighbors

Now that you know all of these movies exist, you'd better start your own TV-movie marathon so you can watch them all before Christmas.