25 Genius 2018 Halloween Makeup Ideas From YouTube That Anyone Can Do

It's officially October, which means it's *basically* Halloween, right?! Besides, it's never too early to start prepping for an awesome costume that'll blow all of your friends away (not literally, though). When it comes to creating an out-of-this-world look, nobody likes to spend hours of their time and effort on hair and makeup. Alas, we've been #blessed with plenty of genius Halloween makeup ideas from YouTube that are simple enough and easy to follow, but still give that "wow" factor we're all looking for to stand out.

Luckily, there's tutorials for any and all types of costumes, no matter your preference. Super villain? Check. '90s cartoon character? There's even Starbucks-themed costumes.

But even if you have no clue what you want to be for Halloween, look no further than YouTube (and here!) for some inspo. Besides if you're anything like me, you'll be anything: As long as it's Insta-worthy (a necessary requirement), easy to follow, and requires little to no time to do, because makeup can be hard.

It's hard to not look cliche on Oct. 31, and it's always a struggle to come up with something out of the box enough. However, YouTube tutorials from across the globe have made it easier (and more fun, too!). So, why not take the stress out of coming up with the perfect look, and just have fun with it!

So whether you prefer to be an elegant princess, an exotic feline, or anything in between, here are the 25 most genius makeup ideas from YouTube you need to use for an epic Halloween look.

1Magical Mermaid

RhiannonClaire on YouTube

This look is insanely chic, extremely elegant, and totally mystifying. Give it a try. I promise, it's easier than you think.

2Glittery Pumpkin

Bailey Van Der Veen on YouTube

Show off your love of all things fall (and glitter) with this unique makeup look.


Hayley Bui on YouTube

Clowns don't necessarily have to be scary (but who am I kidding, they really are).


Kayleigh Noelle on YouTube

The only thing better than a unicorn itself? You as a unicorn.

5Galaxy Makeup

itslikelymakeup on YouTube

This look is ~out of this world~ (sorry, not sorry).

6Poison Ivy

Kayleigh Noelle on YouTube

Because green is just oh, so, chic this time of year.


Kayleigh Noelle on YouTube

Being wrong never felt so right (get it?).

8Neon Skull

James Charles on YouTube

The only thing more fierce than a regular skull is a bright blue one. #DoItForTheGram


TheMakeupChair on YouTube

Wishing I could wear this everyday. Just look at that contour!


LustreLux on YouTube

The mummy look gets a glamorous makeover.

11Pop Art Comic Book

Kristina Vee on YouTube

Straight outta Roy Lichtenstein's illustrations.


Niki Crow on YouTube

Take a scarecrow, but make it *sexy*.

13Sexy Leopard

Angela Lanter on YouTube

Show off your wild side.


Katerina Williams on YouTube

Not your basic cat costume. Meow.


Tina Halada on YouTube

In case you're feeling extra spooky this Halloween.

16Morticia Addams

Kayla Hagey on YouTube

Channel your inner dark side.


xGetyourBeautyOn on YouTube

"Dance, dance, dance 'til you're dead." - Michael Jackson, but also you on Halloween.


DestinyLashaeMakeup on YouTube

Bite the candy, not the people.


Krystal Allen on YouTube

Remember when Elle Woods was a bunny? Now you can be one, too... so you're basically Elle Woods.


RayDoesFX on YouTube

Never have I seen a bat look more chic, and I am living for it.


Laura Lee on YouTube

What about the lions and bears?

24Decaying Porcelain Doll

Heather Moorhouse on YouTube

Because why not?


Bella Makeup on YouTube

Let's hope Halloween doesn't fall on a full moon this year.

Trick or treat, ladies!

Editor's Note: This piece has been updated from its original version