25 Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Make A Costume Totally Unnecessary

As fun as it can be to go all out with a fancy costume, not everyone wants to transform from head to toe come Oct. 31. When you don't have the funds or time to makeover your attire, jaw-dropping Halloween makeup looks that don't require a costume are the gateway to enjoying holiday festivities without all the extra fuss.

Usually the attire you choose is the focus of the night when the holiday rolls around, but it's Halloween makeup that can really make or break a costume. Through the power of makeup, you can be as glam, creepy, or fun as you'd like, completely altering your looks in the process. Chances are you already have everything you need to give yourself a makeover, whether you use your everyday cosmetics or amp up the spook factor with special effects makeup using household items. But just in case you have to purchase materials for your look, rest assured that there are plenty of options for affordable Halloween makeup.

Play your cards right and you won't need to fret over shelling out for the perfect costume. Intricate and last-minute Halloween makeup ideas, these 26 looks make your mug the highlight of the night.


Monica Rose on YouTube

Mermaid makeup is already trending anyway, so going with this beauty look is a no brainer.

2Sexy Cat

Irishcel507 on YouTube

Get the the look just right, throw on some cat ears and you're out of the door in a flash.

3Spooky Doll

Bonnie Corban SFX on YouTube

So beautiful, yet extremely terrifying at the same time.

4Creepy Clown

Emma Cervin on YouTube

Somehow, it's incredibly glam, but borderline freaky.

5Gangster Skull

Makeupshayla on YouTube

Super smoked out eyes and a bony smile make for a surefire look come Halloween.

6Masquerade Mask

NsomniaksDream on YouTube

It's going to take a steady hand to create a lacy masquerade mask. but if you're successful, your beauty beat will totally slay.

7Galaxy Glam

It'sJustJune on YouTube

Because why not take all of the holographic highlighter and sparkle you own and smear it across your facade?

8Evil Pumpkin

Astrid Mogster on YouTube

This pumpkin mask is nothing short of sinister.

9Zombified Face

Tess Christine on YouTube

Whether you wear a dead face with tattered, fake blood stained clothes or not, you'll still get the point across that you're a zombie.

10Beautiful Rotting Face

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

It's the ideal combination of glam and gory, showing of your FX skills if you nail the look.

11Werewolf Makeover

Liv Dumer on YouTube

Half human, half animal, a werewolf look is the perfect excuse for wearing your regular clothes on Halloween.

12Deer Makeup

TheMakeupChair on YouTube

If cat makeup isn't your thing, try painting on a deer's face instead.

13Cheshire Cat

Amanda Ensing on YouTube

It's all about the exaggerated mouth and pink shadow on top of pink shadow to get the Cheshire cat look.

14Glitter Unicorn

Dehsonae on YouTube

Use all of the glitter and pastel cosmetics your heart desires to transform into something off of a Lisa Frank trapper keeper.

15Snapchat Filter

mayratouchofglam on YouTube

Feel free to throw it back to the rainbow vomit Snapchat filter, too, with this pop culture inspired makeup idea.


iluvsarahii on YouTube

Any look that combines seductive cat eyes and gold shimmer is a winner.

17Comic Wonder Woman

NikkieTutorials on YouTube

Really show off your art skills by transforming into a comic book version of this badass heroine.

18Glam Kitty

Melly Sanchez on YouTube

This glitter eye and lip toting pussy cat is NOT your average feline.

19Seductive Vampire

Roxette Arisa on YouTube

Combine vampy makeup and dripping FX blood for a last-minute vampire that slays.

20Zipper Face

Everyday Heidi on YouTube

It has been done with bloody effects, unicorn makeup, rainbow looks, and more, so zipper FX makeup can get as gory or glam you'd like.

21Headless Makeup

Cosmobyhaley on YouTube

Who cares what you wear when you become a walking illusion.

22Triple Vision

Roxxsaurus on YouTube

It'll take some creativity and skill, but double and triple vision makeup is a bonafide head-turner.

23Pop Art Makeup

Claire Dim on YouTube

Not too hard to master, pop art makeup is a last-minute Halloween go-to costume for a reason.

24Melting Face

Silvia Quirós on YouTube

Yep, you'll scar a few neighborhood children with this one.

25Stapled Face

Azazel Aesthetics on YouTube

This is FX makeup at its best!

26Stitched Mouth

Shaaanxo on YouTube

Keep the rest of your makeup traditional or zombify your look with a stitched mouth; It's a freaky makeup look either way you go.

No doubt about it, Halloween makeup is the best part of the spooky holiday. Not even the raddest costume could compete with the creepiest, done-up face.