25 TV Shows To Talk About On A First Date, Because You’ve Got To Break The Ice Somehow

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Part of the benefit of being alive during the time that's often touted as the "golden age of television" is that you always have something to talk about with nearly everyone. Gone are the days when you and a near-stranger would have to spend dinner awkwardly discussing the weather, because now you have so many TV shows to talk about on a first date. Not only do TV shows provide conversation topics that are actually fun, but learning about your date's taste can also help you get to know their personality in a much more intimate way than you could through small talk.

Maybe you and your date don't have the exact same taste in TV shows, but that's not a huge deal. The bottom line is that you probably have strong feelings about some show or character, and those strong feelings could lead to other, more personal topics. You could start by discussing Walter White's true motivations and wind up discussing what motivates you to do what you do in life. (Hopefully those things are very different.)

Even if you don't get into deep territory, you'll still have a good time talking about your latest marathons and all-time faves. Here are some series to get you started:



Because literally everyone has seen at least some Friends. Talk about your favorite episode, or perhaps begin a heated debate over whether or not Ross and Rachel were really on a break. The tension could make things steamy — if you're into that.


'You're The Worst'

If they haven't seen the FXX show, you can explain to them that they're really missing out on one of the most messed-up couples of TV right now.


'The Office'

Like Friends, this one's pretty universal. You can also tell a lot about a person based on their favorite character in the show, and that can help you get things rolling.


'Law And Order: SVU'

You might not want to talk about the specifics of every episode, but talking about how many episodes you've each watched in one sitting could break the ice.


'Game Of Thrones'

What are your predictions for Season 8? How will it all end? There's so much to go over as the fantasy series speeds to the finish line.


'The Americans'

Even though the final season aired in May of 2018, you probably still have a lot of plot points you want to dissect with any willing participant. If your date watched the show, they'll likely feel the same way and your conversation could last for hours.



Chatting about this time travel romance would really set the mood.



There are so many bonkers plot twists in Lost that you'll never run out of material. Start with the show's shocking finale, and go backwards from there.


'Tidying Up With Marie Kondo'

The Netflix reality show is super buzzy right now, and your date has probably at least heard of it. Ask them what they would find most difficult to give away after Kondo-ing their home, and hopefully the date will spark joy.



Are they a fan of the CW show that takes teen drama to a new level? If not, you can enjoy explaining the whole convoluted plot of the series, plus your own witty commentary.


'Black Mirror'

If you met on Tinder or some other dating app, you could have a meta moment recapping Season 4's online dating episode, "Hang the DJ."



Something special happens when one Degrassi fan meets another Degrassi fan. If you two both watched Canada's most dramatic teen saga, which always went there, you'll probably have a lot to talk about in general.


'The Great British Baking Show'

If your partner watches GBBS, aka Bake-Off, you can reminisce about some of your favorite contestants, and initiate some physical contact by practicing a Paul Hollywood handshake, if you're feeling a connection.


'Vanderpump Rules'

Chances are, your date has probably caught at least a few episodes of Bravo's hit reality show. So get to talking about the biggest questions raised by the series. Was it actually about the pasta?


'The O.C.'

Oh boy, if you found yourself an OC fan, then you know you've found a winner.


'The Masked Singer'

One of the most ridiculous — and fun — shows of 2019 is a riot to both watch and discuss. So come with your best theories.


'Kim's Convenience'

If you want to impress your date with your knowledge of an underrated show, this Netflix pick is perfect.


'Gossip Girl'

Are you a Blair or a Serena? What about your date? Choosing your Gossip Girl avatar could be a super fun — and telling — first date activity.


'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'

This show can't seem to stop winning awards, so you can share your favorite performances and Midge sets.


'The Sopranos'

Discuss what you think happened after the picture cut out at the end of the series finale, and create your perfect epilogue together.


'The Bachelor/Bachelorette'

Talking about a dating show on a date seems a little on the nose, but you need to know if your date shares your opinion about which contestants deserved to stay on longer.


'Narcos: Mexico'

Narcos: Mexico is as entertaining as it is illuminating. You can definitely have a stimulating conversation about the show's most shocking moments if you've both watched.



If you're an Atlanta fan, you probably love finding new people to gush with over Donald Glover's magnum opus.


'Schitt's Creek'

What could be more fun than reciting your favorite Rose family lines or praising the majesty of Catherine O'Hara?


'Breaking Bad'

Ask your date how they feel about Walt, and you'll get a sense of their ethics.

Everyone who loves TV knows that you can learn almost everything you need to know from someone's entertainment preferences. So put that knowledge to your advantage on your next first date.