26 Nostalgic TV Shows & Movies That Are New To Streaming This Month

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The world of 2019 can be a pretty awful place at times. Fascism seems to be everywhere again, climate change has gotten out of control, and there are so many streaming services that subscribing to all of them is more expensive than cable. Sometimes, you just need to escape to a simpler time, and since you're already dishing out your hard-earned money every month for all those streaming services, you might as well watch the best nostalgic shows & movies new to streaming in October 2019.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now all add loads of new content every month, and for the month of October they've all included plenty of selections that will scratch your nostalgia itch. Whether you're longing for some Nickelodeon favorites from your childhood, a nice '90s rom-com, or an early 2000s musical, you'll find entries from each category in the list below.

As is always the case with films from another period, some of these movies may have a few scenes that aren't quite kosher with modern sensibilities, so you'll want to try and look at them as products of their time rather than as new releases in order to have the best experience.

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