These 'Game Of Thrones' Moments Made You Lose Your Mind


Precious few shows in the history of television have had as many OMG moments as Game of Thrones. For seven seasons the fantasy juggernaut has been making fans' jaws drop on a weekly basis. From Ned losing his head to Daenerys flambeing slave traders to Arya serving up Frey pie, Game of Thrones is full of moments big and small that made fans lose their minds. With Season 7 on the brink of coming to a close, now is the perfect time to revisit the scenes that made you certain that Leslie Jones is your TV watching soulmate.

Westeros is a crazy place full of murder and mayhem, but it also offers up moments of sheer wonder. It's the rare show that can get just as big a reaction from a massive battle as it can from a long-awaited family reunion. To love Game of Thrones is to accept the fact that it will send you into rage spirals over the deaths of your favorite characters as often as it leaves you squeeing over dragons. Game of Thrones is an emotional roller coaster of feelings, and that's exactly why it's so addictive.

Here are all of the Game of Thrones moments that have left you shocked, awed, and begging for more (so far).

1. Jon Snow Dies

No other moment in the show has inspired more freak-outs and theories than Jon Snow being stabbed by his Night's Watch brothers.

2. Ned Is Executed

Sean Bean was supposed to be the hero! At least that's what everyone but the book readers thought in Season 1.

3. The Loot Train Battle

Daenerys unleashes Drogon on Westeros in the show's most impressive battle sequence to date.

4. The Red Wedding

The violent deaths of Robb, Catelyn, Talisa, and Greywind left fans in a state of shock.

5. Arya Serves Up Justice To Walder Frey

Arya serving Walder up a pie made out of his sons before murdering him and all of his men was savage payback for The Red Wedding, and the best possible way for Arya to make her triumphant return to Westeros.

6. Melisandre Gives Birth To A Shadow Baby

Remember, up until this point, the show had been pretty grounded (minus the White Walkers and dragons), so Melisandre giving birth to Stannis' shadow was the moment Game of Thrones fully embraced its fantasy roots.

7. Sansa & Jon Reunite

No one knew how badly these two needed to reunite until it happened.

8. Hold. The. Door.

There is no getting over Hodor's name reveal.

9. Dracarys

The Mothers of Dragons totally pawns the slave masters of Astapor in a display of complete badassery.

10. "The Things I Do For Love."

There is no getting over the first Game of Thrones scene that left you screaming.

11. Cersei Blows Up The Great Sept Of Baelor

Cersei proved she was serious about burning the world to the ground when she blew up the Great Sept of Baelor with all of her enemies inside.

12. Sansa Feeds Ramsay To His Dogs

The perfect end for the show's most loathsome character.

13. The Battle Of The Bastards

Jon facing down an army of Bolton men with nothing but his sword is a moment of epicness no one can forget.

14. The Purple Wedding

If cheering when Joffrey died is wrong, Game of Thrones fans don't want to be right.

15. The Dragons Hatch

Never forget how Daenerys earned the title of "Unburnt."

16. The Battle Of Hardhome

The Night's King reveals just how powerful he is, and it is terrifying.

17. Brienne Vs. The Hound

When these two warriors fought, everyone won (except for The Hound).

18. Tyrion Leads The Charge During The Battle Of Blackwater

Tyrion rallying the troops is one of the show's most inspiring moments.

19. Jon Meets Drogon

Jon meeting Drogon is everything Game of Thrones viewers have ever wanted.

20. The Melisandre Reveal

Ancient Melisandre is a twist no one saw coming.

21. The Tower Of Joy

The reveal of Jon's true parentage was well worth the wait.

22. Viserys Gets His Crown Of Gold

Khal Drogo keeps his promise in the most twisted way possible, by literally dumping liquid gold on Viserys' head.

23. Brienne & Arya Fight

Seeing these two fierce ladies train together was exhilarating.

24. Tyrion's Trial By Combat

Poor, Oberyn. His death was almost too much to take.

25. Lyanna Mormont's Introduction

Lyanna shows up in Season 6, and immediately pawns everyone.

26. Theon & Sansa's Escape From Winterfell

Theon and Sansa went through hell in the hands of Ramsay, but they found the strength to flee Winterfell together.

27. Lady Olenna's Last Words

"Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me." Cue Screaming.

These are just a few of the Game of Thrones moments that left fans freaking out, and there are sure to be more to come in the final season.