3 Rituals To Help Center Yourself During Pisces Season


Welcome to one of my favorite times of the year: We've officially been in Pisces season 2019 as of Feb. 18! Pisces is perhaps the most psychic, emotionally sensitive, and creative of all the zodiac signs. As the sun travels through this final sector of the zodiac chart before beginning a new rotation in Aries on Mar. 20, we're all going to be swimming in our feelings, moods, and creative expressions. The coming weeks are a great time to try some rituals for Pisces season that will help you make the most of the highly spiritual, sensitive, and artistic energy that we're working with during the watery sign of the fish.

So what's in store for us astrologically as we delve under the sea for Pisces season? "Under a Pisces planetary cycle, we can expect to wear our hearts on our sleeves and feel intuitively connected to those around us, whether or not we’re consciously aware of that energy. We may also express ourselves emotionally through creative channels," explained AstroStyle. "The essence of Pisces energy is romantic, helpful, wise, comforting and artistic." Love it. On a good day, Pisces energy is an absolute dreamy, emotion-filled, flowery fantasy.

But fair warning: There's a dark side to everything, and sweet Pisces is no exception. "During a Pisces planetary transit, we need to set boundaries and avoid playing the martyr, codependence, and rescuing troubled souls," continued AstroStyle. Pisces energy is super duper sensi, so be cautious of taking those feels overboard and losing track of all boundaries. It's easy to get depleted.

Doing a fun and magical ritual for Pisces season is the perfect way to connect with the current astrological energy, harness the ever-so-Piscean vibes we're being served up, and give yourself an excuse to get reeeal witchy. Give one of the following a shot and let the magic flow.

Sacred Silver Water Ritual

As a water sign represented by the fishies themselves, it's only fitting to do a blessed water ritual for Pisces season! In this ritual, you'll consecrate water with sacred energy using the spiritual properties of silver and the healing powers of the moon. Silver is known as "the metal of emotions, of the psychic mind, and of loving as well as healing," according to Indigo Moon Jewels. You can use this water in future rituals and healing practices, and it's based on a ritual created by The Water Witch.

What you'll need: Distilled or spring water; a silver piece (could be a coin or jewelry); a significant bowl, cup, or other vessel used for magickal work; a clean mason jar with a lid.

What to do: Begin your ritual by cleansing your work space and grounding yourself (as Pisces energy definitely has a way of making us feel like we're floating downstream!). Cleanse both your water vessel and your silver piece using smudging, crystals, or energy work.

Once your tools are cleansed, hold your sacred cup or bowl in your hands, and as advised by The Water Witch, say the following aloud: "With my breath, with my heart and with my will I consecrate this vessel." Then place your silver piece into the vessel, and pour your distilled or spring water over it until the vessel is filled.

Place your water vessel outside in a safe spot and allow it to charge under the moonlight for two nights (it's best to to do this when the moon is actually shinin', so skip the days surrounding a new moon if you can!). Once your water is moon-lit and charged up, remove the silver piece and seal it in a mason jar so you can use it in the future. As you do so, say the following chant aloud, which was written by The Water Witch: "By still mind and sacred heart / I conjure up the sacred arte / With healing hands and sacred speech / I bless the waters, ocean, rivers and beach / Heal our sacred waters flow / My will be done / IT IS SO".

Growing Your Forgiveness Ritual

A major theme for all zodiac signs this Pisces season is going to be about softening yourself and allowing room for forgiveness. The following ritual is based on a ceremony called "Growing Forgiveness" written by Natalia Karoway, a shamanic herbalist and author of Living Sacred Ceremony: Earth Inspired Practices For Transforming & Celebrating. "This ceremony was created to give your healing process an energetic boost, while still acknowledging the time involved to find ultimate forgiveness," explains Karoway. Embrace the practice of letting go.

What you'll need: Several small pieces of paper and a pen; seeds to plant (choose something that will grow easily in your climate); a small shovel; a safe space outdoors for you to dig/plant seeds.

What to do: As you'll be planting seeds in the soil, you'll be conducting this ritual outdoors, so be sure to choose a safe place that you'll be able to revisit from time to time and where you feel comfortable created a sacred space. Begin the ritual by cleansing your workspace and grounding yourself. Sit on the ground, atop the soil you'll soon dig into, and meditate on forgiveness. Think about your intentions surrounding forgiveness and what resentments, pain, and suffering you would like to release. Once you have a clear intention, write each one down succinctly on your piece of paper.

Now dig a hole in the soil several inches deep. With each scoop of the soil, call on the goddess of your choice to "help you release your pain and the attachment to your story," advises Karoway. Once the hole is ready, place each of the papers with your intentions into the hole, one by one, reading them aloud and releasing them into the Earth. Begin re-filling your hole with dirt, and plant your seeds at the recommended depth. As you fill the hole, covering both the seeds and your intentions, say a final call to the goddess asking for her help in your embracing unconditional forgiveness.

Water your seeds as instructed over the coming weeks "with the intention of bringing full life to your forgiveness each and every time," instructs Karoway, and watch them sprout. As they grow, so will your ability to forgive and let go of the pain that you had been holding onto.

Creativity Sigil Ritual

During Pisces season, don't be surprised to find yourself with the urge to express your emotions through creative channels — think visual art, music, or dance. If you're trying to get the creative juices of self-expression flowing, a sigil-creation ritual for inspiration is the perfect witchy next step. A sigil is simply a symbol that holds magical powers, and you can create one to represent your own confidence in creativity and use it in your magical practice henceforth. This ritual is based on a creative-confidence boosting ritual created by The Traveling Witch.

What you'll need: A blank canvas; black and red acrylic paint; cedarwood essential oil.

What to do: Cleanse your workspace and magical tools (in this case paint and canvas, you artsy witch, you) and ground yourself. Begin your ritual by meditating on the following intention, as written by The Traveling Witch: "Everything I create is exactly what I am supposed to create." As you focus on and repeat this mantra (either in your mind or aloud) begin drawing whatever comes to mind sigil-wise to visually represent this intention. "Instead of using just a pen and paper to work out the kinks and develop this sigil, use your black paint directly on the canvas to figure it out," explains The Traveling Witch. Don't be afraid to continually make mistakes and tweaks. Taking the time to develop this sigil visually and boldly is part of the ritual's process. Let go of self-doubt and self-consciousness and repeat the above mantra as you work.

Once you've worked out the final details of your sigil in black paint (feel free to cover the entire canvas, if needed!), let the paint dry and meditate on your sigil as it does. Mix a few drops of cedarwood essential oil in with your red acrylic paint, then paint a large, red finalized sigil in the center of your canvas, covering your black practice sigils and taking center stage. "Hang this sigil up in your workspace and touch the sigil and repeat the line of intent before you begin any project," advises The Traveling Witch. "Activation is finished when the painting is completely dry."