These 3 Zodiac Signs Won’t Feel The Effects Of Gemini Season

Ian Waldie/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Taurus season has been chill, but it's time to up the pace, because Gemini season 2019 is officially almost upon us. On May 21, the sun moves into Gemini territory, putting this communication-centered air sign in the astrological driver's seat for the coming month. If you're feeling a little sleepy and stir-crazy after the last month of Taurus' slow but steady, relaxation-lovin' vibes, then Gemini energy is probably the astrological shot of espresso you've been waiting for. While Taurus loves its sensory pleasures, Gemini is all about mental and intellectual stimulation, so expect your brain to be on hyperdrive.

"Because Gemini lives to communicate, the next month when the Sun is in Gemini is a great time for learning new skills, socializing, and buying new digital devices," wrote astrologer Pam Ciampi in Llewellyn's 2019 Daily Planetary Guide. "Gemini's mantra that variety is the spice of live can also bring an exciting smorgasbord of new people and perspectives." In other words, we're buzzing with excess mental energy, and we can channel that into new skills and hobbies, going out more, and connecting with new people as often as we can. Gemini loves to see things from different perspectives, so practice opening your mind and allowing it to become a clean slate for each person you talk to.

While Gemini season is going to be buzzy and high-energy, not every sign is going to feel the frenzy. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about how this solar transit might affect certain signs. "For some, Gemini Season will be a great time to relax and unwind without a care in the world — which will serve as a great break from daily stresses." So it's not guaranteed that Gemini's vibe will actually dial up your energy meter — its airy, ever-changing focus might actually help you float away from heavier issues that are on your mind and allow you a break from your grind.

Are you one of the zodiac signs least affected by Gemini season? Or will this astrological month be a wild one? Stardust shared her input and we've got the inside scoop. Find out how chill (or not) the coming season will be for you.


Gemini has a tendency to bring out the gossip in us, but you've got the willpower to sit back from all that. "Taking a break from gossip and from the constant chatter of social media will allow you to meditate on your own needs," explains Stardust. Do a lil' social media cleanse and limit your screen time. You'll find that disconnecting is actually the easier option over the coming season — and that important realizations about your own life can emerge when you stop focusing so much energy on others.


No need to take on Gemini's social energy during this season, Cancer baby. The sun will be shining in your quarters soon enough, and you've got to reserve your energy for the spotlight! "You’re chilling and unwinding with Netflix this month to rest your bones for your big birthday celebration," shares Stardust. Indulge yourself with some fun nights in — and know that the party will be still be out there waiting for you when you finally decide to come out of your shell and grace the world with your presence.


Life has been non-stop lately, and with the sun in fellow social-lovin' air sign Gemini, you might feel anxious about getting so dialed up — but not to worry. Enjoy the airy nature of the season and slow yourself down. "You’re lost in a daydream, taking a break from daily responsibilities after all the hard work you’ve recently done," explains Stardust. Stay focused, cause you know you have some big things on the horizon, but be gentle on yourself. You can make your magic happen without having to live such a whirlwind lifestyle.