32 Strange Yet Brilliant Beauty Products Blowing Up On Amazon

By Emily Estep
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When it comes to beauty and the vast array of serums, mists, and glosses that exist, some things are much stranger than others. But usually, weird products mean results — charcoal isn't just put into your face wash for fun. And chances are, these strange and brilliant beauty products will soon become your favorites.

One way to dive right into the unusual and wonderful world of these carefully formulated beauty oddities is to scroll through the unending, always changing list of beauty products on Amazon. Here, other like-minded beauty gurus do all the hard work for you, trying the newest and weirdest products and rating them accordingly.

Amazon users have used the makeup sponges made of transparent silicone, and they've tried the sunscreens that also act as a setting spray. From red clay powder to foot peels to Japanese vegetable extracts, they've left no bizarre product behind. In the process, they've found the best ones and now they're blowing up in popularity, too.

I've turned to Amazon for problem-solving products in the past, only to find that some of the mostly highly reviewed options were a bit eyebrow-raising. Charcoal toothpaste comes to mind, but hey, now my teeth are whiter than ever. And I've found some more products on Amazon that are strange but popular — because they really work.

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