35 Earrings For Graduation To Compliment Your Cap & Gown

If graduation day is nearing, you're probably stoked. Although you'll likely be experiencing a mix of emotions, you'll want to bring your style game, too. It's a tiny detail, but finding the perfect earrings to wear on graduation could make you feel like a million bucks on the big day.

The thing is, your graduation gown can look a little dull; it’s likely one block shade and will probably cover you from your shoulders to below the knee, depending on how tall you are. With your grad cap atop your head, this really doesn’t leave much room for personalization. Aside from your shoes, you haven’t got much left to work with. Sure, you could take an awesome clutch bag, but when you go up on stage to accept your diploma, you certainly won’t have a free hand, what with the obligatory hand-shaking and all. You could wear a necklace, but your graduation gown or hood will likely cover it up. A choker might work, but it may end up looking either too casual or too dressy for the occasion.

So in order to stand out from the crowd and sprinkle a little of your personality into your graduation ensemble, take a peek at these elegant earrings.

1. The Lilac Studs

Ted Baker Sinaa Pink And Blue Crystal Stud Earrings, $44, ASOS

These lovely lilac studs will make a dreamy addition to your ensemble.

2. The Sparkling Hoops

Kenneth Jay Lane Rhodium—Plated Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings, $50, Net-A-Porter

A touch of sparkle will help you shine at your ceremony.

3. The Gemstone Studs

Atlantis Gem Mini Stud Earrings, $150, Monica Vinader

Beautiful gemstones will lend your graduation outfit an elegant yet ethereal vibe.

4. The Cylinder Drop Earrings

Cylinder Drop Earrings, $88, Anthropologie

Less is certainly more when it comes to these chic drop earrings.

5. The Starry Studs

ASOS Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Star Burst Earrings, $16, ASOS

You'll be the star of the ceremony wearing these darling, starry studs.

6. The Simplistic Ear Climber

Big Secret Ear Climber Silver, $38, Catbird NYC

When you don't fancy a big fuss on your big day, these delicate ear climbers will help you out.

7. The Spiky Pair

Spike Gold Ear Jacket, $29, Etsy

These spiky earrings are ideal if you want to give your look an edge, while adhering to the formal aura of the occasion.

8. The Chain Earrings

Chan Luu Gold—Plated Swarovski Crystal Earrings, $105, Net-A-Porter

Designed to be threaded through the lobe, these chain earrings are insanely cool.

9. The Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wing Earrings, $20, Etsy

Not only are these butterfly wing earrings symbolic of your transformation, but they're also super pretty too.

10. The Embellished Hoops

Sparkle Cuff Hoop Earrings, $38, Anthropologie

Put a twist on the classic hoop with a pair of bejewelled hoops that are sure to be head turners.

11. The Pearly Studs

ASOS Wedding Faux Pearl Stud Earrings, $9, ASOS

(Faux) pearls are perfect for all special occasions.

12. The Marbled Pair

Marble Circle Earrings, $10, Etsy

Fans of the minimalism movement and interior design graduates are sure to love these marble earrings.

13. The Bow Earrings

Sidony Bow Stud Earrings, $49, Ted Baker

Gals who enjoy looking preened and polished will have fun tying up their outfit with these neat bow earrings.

14. The Jewel Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane Rose Gold—Plated Cubic Zirconia Earrings, $75, Net-A-Porter

Okay so they might not be real diamonds, but they look just as stunning — the truth can be our little secret.

15. The Simple Studs

Dot Stud Earring Rose Gold (Single,) From $40, Catbird NYC

These sweet studs are a great choice for ladies who want to keep things simple or those who have multiple lobe piercings.

16. The Silver Square Earrings

Squared Stones Hoop Earrings, $38, Anthropologie

If dangly earrings are your thing, try this square pair on for size.

17. The Lily Earrings

Calla Lily Earrings, $25, Etsy

Perhaps lilies are your favorite flower or you simply love their elegant aesthetic? Either way, these calla lily earrings will look lovely on your graduation day.

18. The Luxe Studs

Ava Button Stud Earrings, $550, Monica Vinader

The price tag may be a little steep, but you might only get to graduate once!

19. The Fringe Earrings

Reclaimed Vintage Diamonte Fringe Earrings, $20, ASOS

When opulence is the aim of your sartorial style game, go big or go home.

20. The Rosy Pair

Johnny Loves Rosie Rosewater Pearl Earrings, $22, Johnny-Loves-Rosie

Look utterly pretty in pink with this divine pair.

21. The Floral Studs

ASOS 3D Flower Stud Earrings, $9, ASOS

Inject a heavy dose of flower power into your graduation getup with these statement studs.

22. The Pastel Hoops

Pastel Gemstones Mini Hoop Earrings, $108, Anthropologie

Go a little boho without making your formalwear too casual, with these stunning hoops.

23. The Lovely Opals

Two Step Chain Earrings Opal, $315, Catbird NYC

Make your graduation outfit a little more magical with some enchanting opal earrings.

24. The Aqua Studs

Aqua Druzy Earrings, $24, Etsy

Prepare for your gap year with these beautiful aqua druzy earrings that are reminiscent of tropical oceans.

25. The Jewel Ear Climbers

ASOS Occasion Jewel Stone Ear Climbers, $13, ASOS

Contemporary yet understated, these exquisite ear climbers won't steal your limelight, they'll add to it.

26. The Tassel Earrings

Mermaid Mega Tassel Earrings, $30, Top Shop

These tassel earrings will pay homage to your graduation cap long after your ceremony.

27. The Black Stone Studs

Isla Stud Earrings, $135, Monica Vinader

When you want all black everything, these decadent studs are the way to go!

28. The Wordy Pair

House Of Freedom Oh Yeah Earrings, $7, Top Shop

You did it girl! Celebrate with these witty, wordy earrings.

29. The Cartilage Hoop

CZ Simple Cartilage Hoop, $9, Etsy

Upgrade your regular cartilage hoop for the occasion with this more formal style.

30. The Wings

Kenneth Jay Lane Rhodium—Plated Cubic Zirconia Earrings, $175, Net-A-Porter

Wear these wing style earrings as a good luck charm to ensure your career takes flight.

31. The Twisted Hoops

Hoop Earrings, $18, Zara

Go for something a little different like these eclectic hoop earrings.

32. The Lavish Drop Earrings

Johnny Loves Rosie Navy Gem Drop Earrings, $33, Johnny-Loves-Rosie

Who cares if people think these earrings are too OTT for graduation? It's your celebration and you should do it your way!

33. The Magic Wand Ear Climber

Magic Wand Ear Climber, $280, Catbird NYC

If there was any day you'd want your Fairy Godmother to make an appearance, it would be graduation!

34. The Artsy Earrings

Forest Moons Drop Earrings, $118, Anthropologie

Art graduates and creative spirits will love these awesome earrings.

35. The Purple Perspex Pair

Perspex Stick Drop Earrings, $14, Top Shop

Add some whimsy with these retro style perspex earrings.

There are earrings to suit every style, so give your graduation look its finishing touch with a pair of rad earrings!

Images: Courtesy Brands