9 Stud Earrings Perfect For Weddings

The official engagement season is over, but that means you'll soon be getting tons of wedding invitations. From outdoor weddings to even black-tie events, dress codes for weddings run the gamut. However, these 9 stud earrings for weddings will let you keep things fabulous but simple for any occasion. There are few accessories that work for all occasions and dress codes, but stud earrings are one of them. From pearls to sunbursts, there are too many types of studs to name. If you're looking for the perfect accessories, there's really no better qualifier than versatility, right?

Weddings may be stressful for the couple tying the knot, but wedding guests don't have it easy necessarily. From the rising cost of attending a wedding to decoding what certain dress codes mean, there's a lot to wade through when it comes to getting ready for a wedding. While there's great advice on the internet on how to dress for a wedding, accessorizing may fall to the way side a bit. Thankfully, you've got gorgeous studs to keep help you out.

While you're looking for the perfect jumpsuit to wear or the best sundress for that outdoor summer wedding rest easy knowing you've got these stud earrings to rock with anything you wear.

1. Classic Gold

Pieces Miebe Metallic Stud Earrings, $5, ASOS

These classic gold studs are perfect for everything.

2. Flower Studs

Allura 0.3 CT T.W. White Sapphire Flower Stud Earrings, $90, Amazon

Love a romantic look? These floral studs are ideal.

3. Colorful Looks

Kate Spade New York Mini Small Square Stud Earrings, $38, Amazon

If you love something with a bit more flare, these colorful studs are great.

4. Simple Hearts

Kingsley Ryan Rose Gold Cut Out Heart Ear Studs, $8, ASOS

Heart studs for a wedding are too perfect.

5. Arrow Studs

Maya Brenner Straight As An Arrow Studs, $95, Baublebar

If your tastes move away from the traditional, these arrow studs are a great way to keep things simple and chic.

6. Pear Studs

Majorica Round Simulated Pearl Stud Earrings, $65, Amazon

If you do love the classics, though, these pearls are ideal.

7. Ear Crawlers

Caesar Ear Crawlers, $32, Baublebar

Crawlers are a modern take on studs.

8. Bee Studs

Golden Bee Studs, $50, Anthropologie

These belong at a spring wedding.

9. Minimalist Bars

Model of Minimalism Earrings in Rose Gold, $13, ModCloth

Minimalist chic is always in.

Whether you want something that's got a bit more flare or you want to stick with the classics, there's a perfect stud earring for any wedding you have coming up.