38 Cheap Dupes On Amazon Exploding In Popularity


If you live for dupes — inexpensive products that can hold their own against much pricier competitors — you already know that it can be difficult to find similar items that are as amazing as their luxury-brand cousins. But these 39 cheap dupes on Amazon exploding in popularity are the exception to that rule.

Instead of competing with more expensive items, these suspiciously cheap products stand all on their own, offering unique benefits that you won't find everywhere.

For instance, there's a stand-up mixer with six speed settings that you'll use to whip up amazing meals and desserts — and it also happens to weigh just 5 pounds. Or a set of microfiber bed sheets that are resistant to wrinkles and tears — and just so happen to boast more than 20,000 reviews because they feel like silk and come in more than 40 colors and prints (including paisley, gingham, and florals).

And there is no shortage of grooming products and beauty finds on this list that will make you stop pining away for those three-figure vitamin C serums and hair dryers that get all of the attention.

These products quietly achieve the same or similar results as their expensive counterparts — without draining your bank account.


This Vitamin C Serum That Makes Skin Glow

There are a number of vitamin C serums on the market that are dubbed miracles in bottles — but their steep price tags make them untouchable to many. This popular vitamin C serum is a worthy alternative — one that will help fade scars, even out skin tone, build collagen, and make skin glow. The formula is made with 20 percent vitamin C, as well as vitamin E and ferulic acid to help preserve it.


A Stand-Up Mixer For Whipping Up Delicious Desserts And Meals

"Affordable" and "stand-up mixer" aren't usually words that go together. But this amazingly versatile stand-up mixer defies all odds by not compromising on features, despite its reasonable price tag. It features six speed options and a 3-quart stainless steel bowl. It weighs just 5 pounds and isn't cumbersome like most mixers — and you can choose among seven super cute colors.


The Double-O Ring Belt That Pulls Every Outfit Together

If you're coveting that sweet Gucci belt you see celebs sporting everywhere, but can't fathom paying that much for an accessory, this is the stylish double-O ring belt that won't make you think twice about those G's. This belt comes in six color combos, and is designed from soft leather.

  • Available sizes: 25- to 44-inches


This Precise Eyebrow Pencil That Comes In Nine Colors

Delivering thin strokes of color that resemble actual brow hair, this eyebrow pencil provides the most natural brow look possible. The double-ended tool has a spoolie on one end for grooming brows and a super-skinny tip on the other. It comes in nine colors, including taupe and ash brown, so you'll always find your perfect match.


These Wide-Leg Pants That Are Trendy And Comfortable

Wide-legged pants are enjoying a major fashion moment. Get in on the trend without blowing your budget with these affordable chino wide-leg pants. The pants are made from a comfy cotton blend with off-seam front pockets, back welt pockets, and a fun style that cuts off above the ankles. They come in five color choices, too.

  • Available sizes: 2-16


An Adhesive Ring Holder And Kickstand For Your Phone

Attach this self-adhesive phone ring to the back of your device and it stays firmly in place, providing a more convenient way to both carry your phone and support it upright when used as a kickstand. Made from durable stainless steel and zinc alloy, the ring offers 360-degree rotation and it comes in three colors: rose gold, black, and silver.


The Padded, Supportive Slides With Adjustable Buckles

Slip your tired feet into these padded EVA slides and walk a mile (or three or four) in complete comfort. The flexible, washable shoes have two adjustable wide straps on the top and come in more than 20 colors, including vivid shades like florescent green, pink, and orange. They're also surprisingly versatile, working with every outfit from shorts to skirts to jeans.

  • Available sizes: 6-10


An Alternative Down Comforter For Every Season

If you're searching for a lightweight (but warm) comforter to get through every single season, this is the perfect affordable choice. This down alternative comforter has box stitching that prevent its filling from shifting, with four corner tabs to keep it anchored to your mattress. It comes in three sizes: twin, full/queen, or king.


These Soft Sponges For Blending And Contouring Makeup

Brushes are great and all, but these soft, flexible makeup sponges are truly versatile and can be used to contour and blend foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow flawlessly — and in a fraction of the time. The eco-friendly sponges are free of latex and can be used wet or dry. Plus, cleaning and drying them is a cinch.


This Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner With Powerful Suction

Don't let its lightweight design fool you — this two-in-one stick vacuum cleaner has superior suction power and can be used on all hard floors and low-pile carpet. The quiet vacuum is easy to steer and converts from a stick to a handheld vacuum cleaner in seconds. It has a HEPA filter and can run for 40 minutes straight before it requires a charge.


A Moisturizing Cleansing Balm That Removes Makeup And Dirt

Makeup, dirt, and oil practically melt away when you use this cleansing balm, which is ideal for all skin types. Formulated with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, citrus herb oil, and coconut extract, it attracts surface oils and cleanses your pores without stripping skin of much-needed moisture. One reviewer wrote: "This is the best budget-friendly oil-based cleanser I’ve tried yet. The Heimish All Clean Balm is super gentle on my sensitive skin and melts away all traces of makeup. The spatula that is included is a nice bonus to help with sanitation."


The Perfect Carry-On Spinner Suitcase With A Protective Hard Shell

Good luggage is usually really expensive. This carry-on suitcase, with its protective hard shell that is resistant to scratches, is one of the few exceptions you'll find — one that boasts more than 1,600 amazing reviews. The 20-inch luggage has spinning wheels, a lined interior with dividers, and three zippered pockets to store smaller items. Its telescoping handle is comfy to hold and it comes in four colors: black, blue, navy, and orange.


A Pair Of Sunglasses That Block Out All Glare

Block out glare and UV rays with this stylish pair of sunglasses, which costs a fraction of the price of the more luxury brands. The glasses boast polarized lenses that block out 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays, with a lightweight plastic frame and a choice of four frame and lens shades.


This Intensely Moisturizing Essence That Makes Skin Soft And Smooth

Give your skin a major dose of hydration with this intensely hydrating essence. This formula, which can be used like a toner after cleanser and before serum and moisturizer, contains nourishing ingredients like Himalayan purple barley and gemmule that soften skin and make it look and feel smooth. Reviewers — and especially reviewers with dry skin — are in love with this product. One wrote: "I put a few drops into my hands and pat it gently over my face after cleansing/toning, and it felt instantly softer and skin looks brighter, too."


These Chemical-Free Cloths That Remove Every Stitch Of Makeup

Remove all of your makeup, even waterproof mascara and eyeliner, with these chemical-free microfiber cloths, which need nothing more than a little warm to activate them. The pack of four cloths can be washed and reused — and they'll save you a ton of money on makeup remover and cleansers.


The Tangle-Free Hair Ties That Blend In With Brunette Hair

Solve so many hair tie woes with this one pack of spiral hair ties, which are made from smooth plastic that won't leave bumps in your hair or get tangled in strands. The ties glide right through hair and are waterproof. And brunettes will love how they come in a variety of brown and dark brown shades that blend in with their hair color.


A Quality Non-Stick Frying Pan You'll Use Every Day

Consider this non-stick frying pan your new favorite every day cooking tool — the one that you can use on all cooking surfaces and with every ingredient under the sun. The 8-inch pan (which also comes in three larger sizes) is coated with quality granite from Switzerland and has a wooden handle that stays cool while you're cooking.


An Affordable Juicer For Homemade, Wholesome Beverages

You may be reluctant to make homemade juice because it all seems so time consuming and complicated. But this juicer simplifies the process with an extra-large, 3-inch feed chute that fits bigger chunks of fruits and vegetables — which means less prep time is required of you. The juicer squashes and juices dense fruits and veggies in second, and has removable parts that you can pop right into the dishwasher.


This Simplified Fitness Tracker That Tracks Your Heart Rate, Sleep, And Activity

Perhaps you're trying to reach some fitness goals, but don't need a fitness tracker with all of the bells and whistles. This is the simplified version of a wearable tracker that monitors your heart rate, activity levels (including distance and steps), and sleep. You can also receive messages and calls on your tracker and it has a built-in USB plug. Choose among eight band colors.


An Organic Marula Oil That Hydrates Skin, Hair, Hands, And Feet

Talk about a multi-tasker: this organic marula oil can be used anywhere — on your face, hands, nails, feet, and hair — to deliver a moisturizing, vitamin-rich treatment that hydrates skin and repairs dry, split ends, and neglected nails. The vegan oil is free of sulfates, artificial preservatives, and fragrance. Best of all, a few drops of the oil goes a long way.


The Brush Made With Boar Bristles That Makes Hair So Shiny

Detangle knots and give your hair major volume and shine without breaking the bank — because this boar bristle brush gets the job done for so much less. The oval-shaped brush has porcupine boar and nylon bristles, with a quality wooden handle. One reviewer raved: "Of all the brushes I own — including Denman, Jean-Pierre, Kent and Mason Pearson — the Spornette 25 by far is the least expensive yet performs every bit as well as the best and most costly. It is comfortable, glides smoothly through long, thick, wavy hair and holds up well to extensive use."


A Hair Catcher For Your Shower Drain That Catches All Of The Gunk

Loose hair and other debris can do a number on pipes. Prevent future problems with this one simple, effective hair catcher that sits perfectly over drains and captures loose strands and other gunk before any of it can pass through. The stainless steel and silicone drainer has elliptical holes that catch hair but allow water to drain.


This Time-Saving Hair Dryer And Styling Brush For Busy Mornings

Make your busiest mornings a lot less hectic by combining two grooming duties — drying and styling your hair — into one. This hair dryer brush offers 1000 watt drying power and a ceramic coated nylon brush with 360-degree vent holes. It creates volume at your roots and incredible shine, while cutting down on the time it takes you to get out the door.


These Pretty Pearl Barrettes That Keep Hair In Place And Off Your Face

These pretty pearl barrettes may look expensive, but you'll be the only one who knows they cost less than $10. The large clips are perfect for keeping random strands in place and for creating the fanciest ponytail you can wear on a Monday morning. They come in three colors and boast a perfect five-star rating.


A Miniature Backpack That Can Fit Your Laptop And Converts Into A Handbag

You can carry this versatile bag in one of two ways: as a miniature backpack over your shoulders or as a traditional handbag — your choice. Either way, its tough, waterproof polyester exterior holds up against rain and spills and it boasts a 10-inch laptop compartment, with 10 pockets altogether. Choose among more than 25 amazing colors and designs, including florals and bright, vivid shades.


The Personal Blender For Smoothies On-The-Go

Whip up smoothies and shakes in this personal blender that you can then take with you anywhere. The powerful, portable blender crushes fruits, veggies, and ice fast and directly into a 20-ounce travel cup. It comes with a travel lid and even a coffee grinder cup.


An Aromatherapy Diffuser And Humidifier With Color-Changing Lights

A more soothing environment is yours — in an instant — when you use this essential oil aromatherapy diffuser, which doubles as a cool mist humidifier. The device features seven color-changing LED lights that make it the perfect night or mood light. It automatically shuts off when it is out of water for safety purposes and provides three modes: intermittent mist, continuous mist, or lights only.


This Pain-Relieving Acupressure Mat And Pillow

A little pain now can relieve a lot of pain later — and that's the concept behind this soothing acupressure mat and pillow, which features thousands of acupressure needles that stimulate your body's pressure points and relieve stress and anxiety. Relaxing on the mat and pillow for 10 to 30 minutes a day is all it takes for many reviewers to experience less back and joint pain.


The Perfect Leggings That Wick Away Sweat

These super-stretchy leggings wick away sweat and moisture the second it is detected to keep you cool and comfortable during workouts (or just in every day life). They have a wide waistband, four-way stretch fabric, and a reflective logo on the back that helps keep you safe. The come in six colors and prints that include gray camo.

  • Available sizes XS-XXL


A Quiet Tower Fan That Cools Off Your Room Fast

Cool off any room without constantly hearing a buzz — and this quiet tower fan delivers a powerful breeze with eight speed settings and a remote control that you can operate from a distance. The stand-up fan can rest in corners, where it blends in with the decor: You won't know it's there, but you'll definitely feel its cooling effect.


An Automatic Spinning Curling Iron That Does The Work For You

This automatic spinning curling iron makes it so easy to get bouncy, voluminous waves and curls. Place a section of your hair in the barrel, press one button and watch it wind up, then press another button to release hair and witness a gorgeous curl emerge. The iron has adjustable heat settings and works on all hair types and lengths.


These Disinfecting Wipes That Kill Germs And Bacteria

Kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs from any surface with these disposable disinfecting cleaning wipes. Each pack contains 25 wipes that smell like fresh lemon and provide a fast, simple way to rid counters, door knobs, and other high-traffic areas of dirt, viruses, and germs.


The Most Popular, Soft Microfiber Bed Sheets That Feel Like Silk

These incredibly popular bed sheets (with more than 20,000 glowing reviews) feel like soft silk, but cost a fraction of the price of luxury sheets. Made from wrinkle-resistant microfiber, these sheets are durable and low maintenance. They come in six mattress sizes and more than 40 colors and prints.


A 10-Piece Set Of Food Storage Containers With Locking Lids

Preserve precious ingredients and leftovers and make food last a lot longer with this 10-piece food storage container set, which includes five clear containers and five locking lids. The lids provide an airtight and leak-proof enclosure — and the containers are safe in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.


This Silk Sleep Mask That Blocks Out Light

Block out all annoying sources of light and get the most peaceful rest of your life with the help of this sweet silk sleep mask. The breathable mask has an adjustable elastic strap and won't pinch your skin or eyes. Reviewers say it stays in place while you toss and turn — no matter which sleep position you favor.


The Fast-Working Hair Dryer That Reviewers Say Works Just As Well As Luxury Brands

Pining over a certain turbo hair dryer, but can't justify the price tag? Opt for this amazing hair dryer instead and you won't think twice about other models. This dryer features three heat settings, two speeds, three attachments, and a cold air shot to set your style. One reviewer writes: "The wind power is very strong and save a lot of time for me in the morning!!"


A Sunrise Alarm Clock That Gently, Gradually Wakes You Up

Imagine an alarm clock that loves you and isn't trying to mess with you every morning — that's the feeling you'll get when you switch to this sunrise alarm clock, which increases in brightness until it's time for you to get up and out of bed. The clock features four alarm types, seven alarm sounds (as well as FM radio), seven LED color choices, and 20 brightness settings.


This Temperature-Regulating Tumbler For Hot And Cold Drinks

Keep hot beverages hot for up to six hours and cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours in this 20-ounce tumbler. The stainless steel tumbler is designed with double-walled insulation and comes with two lids in one: one side has a slider and the other side has a flip, so you can choose how to sip depending on your mood that day. The cup fits in most car cup holders and will save you a ton of money on disposable cups and purchased coffee and beverages.

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