4 Crystals For The 'Game Of Thrones' Battle Of Winterfell Episode To Keep You Calm

Helen Sloan/HBO

Winter has been coming for a long, long time, and it appears to finally be here and real and actually happening — like, right now. The upcoming Game of Thrones Battle Of Winterfell episode is fast approaching, and it's going to be intense. Almost all the characters we know and love will likely be directly involved in the epic, long-awaited battle against the Army Of The Dead — and sorry, but you know not everyone is making out of this thing alive.

With what's set to be the longest (and possibly most brutal) battle scenes in the show's history — taking place amongst the show's final batch of episodes, no less! — you can bet Game of Thrones fans everywhere are feeling a little anxious about what's to come. Excited, yes, but definitely still anxious. How is your Game of Thrones anxiety manifesting? Maybe you haven't gotten any work done this week. Maybe you plan on having a stiff drink pre-battle-sequence. Or maybe you've equipped yourself with some healing crystals to help keep yourself under control as you prepare to face impending television doom and have at least some of the deadly suspense alleviated.

Throwing away an entire workweek and medicating your nerves with adult beverages are one way to handle the stress of Winterfell's upcoming mayhem, but crystals seem like a less harmful option, IMHO. Crystal healing always makes my life a little bit better (and a lot more magical), so using crystals for the Game Of Thrones' Battle Of Winterfell episode might be the perfect way to help you keep your chill in the midst of complete and total Westerosian chaos.

Check out the best selection of gems to keep on hand while you tune into Sunday night's undoubtedly-stressful battle scene to keep you from completely losing your sh*t.

Lithium Quartz

Natural Lithium Quartz Crystal Cluster, $199, Etsy

If you're looking to damn near sedate yourself using crystal healing alone, lithium quartz is your bet. Filled with inclusions of actual lithium-infused minerals, this stone is extraordinarily calming to the mind and emotions — helpful, especially when the most stressful battle of all silver screen history is taking place on your TV. "Lithium quartz stone is the quintessential crystal for calm," wrote Energy Muse. "By establishing an emotional balance, lithium makes it easier for you to breathe and relax." I doubt you'll actually be relaxed at any point during Sunday night's episode, but this crystal is probably your best shot.


Angelite Touchstone, $19.95, Energy Muse

According to Energy Muse, angelite "reminds you that you are not alone and your angels always surround you." Um, OK, good, cause obviously needing our angels to surround us and our beloved favorite characters once this battle begins. Angelite's gentle energy is soul-soothing, which will help you stay chill, and it offers a sense of belonging and interconnectedness. Consider that millions of people will be watching Game of Thrones — and stressing out — at the very same time as you. Let that bring you at least a wee bit of comfort.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears Healing Meditative Stone, $7.25, Etsy

Let's be honest: Game of Thrones loves nothing more than killing off characters we love. And based on intuition (as well as, you know, the show's years-long track record of killing our faves), peeps are gonna die in this episode. You know, I know it, it's just true. Apache tears crystals are the ultimate grief stone — so if you're the type to get emotional over the death of fictional characters (ME), you might want to keep one of these babies handy. These crystals are said to help you accept loss, make peace with transformations and new circumstances, and heal your grieving heart. You'll probably wish you'd kept these on hand throughout the entire series.


Large Lepidolite Obelisk Tower, $95, Etsy

As one of the crystals with the calmest, dreamiest energy, lepidolite stones will help keep your nervous system under control as the ultimate battle rages on in Winterfell. "One of the best mood stabilizers in the world of gemstones, the Lepidolite crystal contains a high amount of lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medication," explained Energy Muse. "Call on Lepidolite to balance the mind and spirit, especially when you need to cool off fiery emotions." Exactly what the crystal doctor ordered ahead of Sunday night.