4 Zodiac Signs That Seem Tough On The Outside, But Are Actually Really Sensitive
by Eva Taylor Grant
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It can be hard to figure out the layers to someone's personality when you first get to know them. For some people, they're difficult to figure out even after a long time. These kind of people are often those who are only tough on the outside, and just need a little more understanding. Sometimes, that understanding lies in their star sign.

Zodiac signs can provide insight into all parts of a person's personality, from the personality they project, to the personality they hold closest to their heart. Looking at astrology to peel away these layers can make it easier to understand people who seem complicated, or even to get to know yourself.

So whether you're a toughie with a gentle soul, starting to date someone you can't quite figure out, or dealing with a difficult coworker, looking to the stars can be a good idea. Certain zodiac signs, after all, are more inclined than others towards this duality between tough and sensitive. Knowing this can provide you with the insight to deal with this lovable, but misunderstood, personality type.

Bustle spoke to astrologist Lisa Stardust to understand these signs more. And although anyone can end up with this sort of behavior, astrology can be a great place to start if you want to learn more.

Here are four zodiac signs that seem tough on the outside, but actually really sensitive, according to astrologers.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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If you're trying to understand the kind of person who is somehow both hard and soft, it makes sense that the first star sign you'd start with is Cancer: the crab.

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"The crab has a hard shell exterior, which can often make people feel as though they are hiding their inner feelings," Stardust says "... This may give off the impression of Cancers being aloof at first, but, only because they need to feel safe before diving right in to new and unfamiliar territory." Beyond this shell, Cancers are incredibly sensitive and intuitive. And once they love you, they'll fight for you forever.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

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Virgos are a sign that are more complicated than they're given credit for, Stardust says. Far from being emotionally stingy perfectionists, Virgos actually have hearts of gold below their hard-working exterior.

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"Virgos are one of the most kind-hearted and sympathetic signs of the zodiac," Stardust says. "They are very giving, trusting, and loyal — also, very patient ... If they seem like perfectionists, it’s only because they want to help their friends and family become better people." So you might want to forgive this sign for their outward perfectionism; they're trying their best, and for very heartwarming reasons.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

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Scorpios are famously known as the tough guys of the zodiac. But, really, that's a slight misunderstanding of what's really going on with this sign underneath.

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"Scorpios have boundaries with others, which may make people feel they are tough," Stardust says. "... While this may be true, you will never meet a sign more loyal and sensitive than Scorpio. They will standby their friends and family through thick and thin — proving their undying love to those they care about and helping them implement change and growth within themselves." This devotion to their loved ones is a sign of a true sensitivity, so don't fall for the act that they might put up.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

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The final zodiac sign that is both hard and soft is the ever-resilient Capricorn. "Known in the zodiac as being a 'tough cookie,' the sea-goat is actually one of the most sensitive and endearing sun signs," Stardust says. "... Part water and part earth, Capricorn’s have the ability to splash through the emotional waves and run wild on earth in the flash of a moment, using their watchful eyes and intuition to help others who are in need." So don't confuse their emotional strength for armor, they're really full of love when it comes down to it.

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All sorts of personality traits can lead someone to appear less sensitive than they really are inside. And, of course, anyone born at any time of year can develop this tendency. But looking to the zodiac can provide insight into the people most likely to be tough-but-sensitive, and what their behavior really means underneath.