41 Low-Effort Products On Amazon You’ll Love If You Hate Chores


Chores are just the worst — and any product that can make the daily duties of cleaning, organizing, and creating some semblance of a clean home is a product that's worth every penny. These low-effort products on Amazon you'll love if you hate chores are among the best you'll find for whipping every room in your home (and even your car) into tip-top shape, without having to spend big bucks to hire professional help.

This list has genius products that address every responsibility under the sun — from cleaning and deodorizing to ironing and packing for trips. Items like a two-in-one steam and traditional iron, collapsible laundry basket, and magnetic ironing mat that eliminates the need for a gigantic ironing board make laundry day way less awful.

And while you've got a load of laundry going, innovative products like a plant-based mold and mildew remover or an electric scrubbing brush with an extendable pole to reach ceilings actually make scrubbing the bathroom a pleasure.

So, strap on your microfiber plush mop slippers, give your pup a soothing massage with a self-cleaning brush, and prepare to tackle your other chores with these amazing products that take the pain out of being a responsible adult.

1. These Plush Microfiber Slippers That Mops Floors As You Walk

Get cozy, warm feet and a cleaner house by simply changing the slippers you wear. These plush microfiber mop slippers collect dust, dirt, and debris as you walk and glide along hard floors — and they can even absorb liquid spills. The detachable soles can be washed and reused and they come in four sizes and 15 colors, including some cute animal designs.

2. This Two-In-One Portable Garment Steamer And Iron So That You Don't Have To Own Both Tools

Don't choose between a garment steamer or iron — this two-in-one provides both options in one money-saving gadget. Use this portable iron to remove wrinkles from clothing from a vertical or horizontal position. It comes with an optional brush that can be used to safely iron fabrics like wool, polyester, and linen.

3. The Ultimate Self-Cleaning Pet Brush That Takes Seconds To Clean

Both you and your pet will fall in love with this self-cleaning pet brush for different reasons. Your cat or dog gets a soothing massage as you effortlessly remove tangles and shedding fur with its gentle, soft bristles. And the brush, which comes in two sizes, has an amazing self-cleaning feature: press a button, wipe the brush, and start over.

4. A Makeup-Removing Shampoo Specifically For Dirty Sponges

There are plenty of makeup removers on the market for your skin and eyes, but what about all of those makeup sponges that accumulate makeup and dirt fast (and are so difficult to clean)? This makeup removing shampoo works fast to thoroughly clean sponges and brushes. Best of all, it is made with plant extracts instead of harsh chemicals.

5. These Mesh Laundry Bags For Delicate Clothing And Organized Travel

Separate laundry into these mesh laundry bags and prevent zippers from ruining delicate fabric in the wash. The seven-piece set of zippered bags, which come in a variety of sizes, are made from durable nylon and are equally perfect for travel — organize your clothes in them and find everything you need when you arrive at your final destination.

6. An Electronics Cleaning Brush For Hard-To-Reach Areas

All of those impossible-to-reach places on electronics equipment — between keyboard keys and around camera lenses — still have to be cleaned in order to function properly. This double-sided electronics cleaning brush has soft bristles on one side that get rid of dust and debris and a thin silicone wiper on the other side to get in between tight spaces for a complete cleaning. The bristles also retract, making this compact pen even easier to store.

7. The Planet-Saving Bamboo Paper Towels That Are Dishwasher-Friendly

As seen on Shark Tank, these innovative, eco-friendly bamboo towels will save you money (while helping to save the planet). Each towel in the 30-sheet roll can be rewashed and reused. And, instead of spending a ton of money on paper towels, the manufacturer will actually plant a tree for every roll of bamboo towels you purchase.

8. These Non-Stick Oven Liners That Capture Spills

Slide these non-stick oven liners on top of oven racks and keep your oven free from sticky spills and messes that are so difficult to clean. The set of three Teflon liners are washable (food just slides right off) and are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees. You can also use them on the barbecue and in toaster ovens and microwaves.

9. A Pair Of Silicone Gloves With Scrubbers For All Kinds Of Cleaning Jobs

A number of gloves can protect your hands when you wash dishes, but these silicone cleaning gloves go above and beyond the call of cleaning duty: they were designed with silicone scrubbing bristles that can be used for everything from removing debris from pots and pans to scrubbing your car clean. They come in five colors, and will also prevent your hands from irritation when they come into contact with cleaning agents.

10. The Fabric Defuzzer And Shaver That Makes Clothes Look Brand New

Before you toss that sweater covered in pilling, save it — this fabric defuzzer gently and effectively removes fuzz, pilling, and lint, and makes your clothes look like a million bucks again. The device has three settings and can be used corded or cordless. The detachable lint catcher is easy to clean and it comes in seven colors.

11. A Glass Sponge That Digs In Deep To Remove Dirt And Residue

Give glasses, cups, and dishes a thorough cleaning that removes every last bit of residue and dirt with this cylindrical scrubber glass sponge. The cleaner has a 7-inch handle with a hole that can be used to hang and store the sponge — and you'll get three sponges in each pack.

12. This Mold And Mildew Remover That Works Like A Charm

It seems like nothing is able to get rid of stubborn mold and mildew from tile and grout — until you try this mold and mildew remover, which is an intense cleaner that take a few hours to work (but is well worth the wait). Apply the gel sealant to problem areas, wait five to six hours, and wash it off. One reviewer raves: "My bathroom glass area was looking pretty bad and, after one application most of the black mold was gone."

13. An Extendable Spin Scrubber For Low And High Areas

Clean every inch of your bathroom or kitchen — even ceiling tiles — with this extendable electric spin scrubber, which has a convenient cordless design. The scrubber comes with four replaceable brush heads that remove dirt, mold, and mildew from surfaces as diverse as baseboards, grout, and windows. A reviewer writes: "Wow what a great job this did on my tub! I had no idea how dirty it was till the scrubber began taking off the grime I had been missing doing it by hand over the years. It was gross. I had planed on spot cleaning, but I had to do the whole tub. It was fairly effortless."

14. This Dust Pan And Broom Duo That Stand Upright For Easy Storage

Easier to use than most broom and dust pan combos that require you to bend down, this duo features long handles on both cleaning tools and they nestle together and can be stored upright. Perfect for any indoor floor surface, the broom comes with an optional extension pole.

15. A Duster Brush That Cleans Blinds Way Faster

Gone are the days when you had to painstakingly clean each blind, one by one. Attach microfiber sleeves to this blind duster and it can clean three blinds or air conditioning vents at the same time. The duster comes with five colorful microfiber sleeves that are machine-washable and reusable.

16. This Magnetic Mat That Turns Every Surface Into Your Very Own Ironing Board

Forget about cumbersome ironing boards that are impossible to store — this magnetic ironing mat can be placed anywhere and instantly turns that surface into the ideal place for ironing your clothes and linens. The mat has a silicone iron rest and folds up for storage and travel.

17. The Multi Surface Cleaner That Gets Cars Sparkling Clean

Polish every inch of the interior and exterior of your car — excluding glass and instrument panels — with this powerful car cleaner. The cleaning agent works on a variety of surfaces such as leather, upholstery, rubber, metal, wood trim, and more. It won't leave any film behind, either.

18. An Automatic Garbage Can For Germ-Free Hands

Keep your hands free of germs and bacteria by replacing your garbage can with this automatic trash can, a hands-free option with an automatic sensor and a filter that absorbs nasty odors. The 13-gallon can comes in various colors and designs and can be powered via battery or an AC adapter. One reviewer writes "I've waited almost a year to write this review because I wanted to be sure this product was long-lasting...It fits perfectly in the space and has surpassed my expectations in every way. It's attractive and fits a TON of trash in a very discreet way. I love it."

19. A Powerful Plunger That Bursts Air Into Drains And Pipes

Use this powerful plunger anywhere you experience clogged pipes and drains — from toilets and sinks to showers, tubs, or floor drains. The tool relies on high-pressure compressed air to sap away blockages caused by hair, debris, oil, leaves, and other messes.

20. This Space-Saving Shoe Organizer That Hangs Over Your Door

If you've got an enviable shoe collection — with less-than-enviable closet space — this over-the-door shoe organizer is exactly what you need in your stylish life. The organizer hangs over doors with three secure metal hooks and features 20 mesh pockets that can fit 10 pairs of large shoes or 20 pairs of sandals or flats.

21. The Board That Makes It A Snap To Fold Shirts

Fold your shirts (and pajamas, pants, and shorts) in such a crisp, clean way that your closet and dresser will resemble a store display case. This innovative laundry folding board folds clothes in three simple steps and in just seconds — and the board comes in five colors.

22. This Collapsible Laundry Basket That Take Up Practically Zero Space

Use this spacious collapsible laundry basket to hold all of your laundry and then simply collapse it flat and store it anywhere. The basket has comfortable handles, ventilation holes that keep odors from being trapped inside, and it comes in three colors: mint blue, scuba blue, and grey.

23. These Gentle Microfiber Cloths That Rid Tech Devices Of Smudges And Fingerprints

Get rid of all of those annoying smudges and fingerprints on your smartphone, tablet, computer screen, and even your eyeglasses or sunglasses with this gentle microfiber cloth — which polishes surfaces without scratching them. The four-pack of cloths measure 12 inches wide, so they're perfect for cleaning larger surfaces.

24. This Microfiber Mop That Works On Every Floor Type

Get more out of one mop — this versatile microfiber mop can be used on every floor type imaginable, including hardwood, tile, cement, stone, and laminate floors. It has a convenient 360-degree rotating mop head that lets you get under and around furniture, and machine-washable pads that last a long time. Each mop comes with two microfiber pads and two scrubbing pads for stubborn stains.

25. The Fuss-Free Makeup Brush Cleaner That Works In Seconds

Confession time: if you don't clean your makeup brushes nearly enough (and who really does?), you need this makeup brush cleaner in your world to get the job done faster and with zero fuss. The gadget works by spinning your brush so that it effectively removes 100 percent of makeup, oil, and dirt (and then spinning it again to dry it). It has three adjustable speeds and can be recharged with a USB cable.

26. An Adorable Beetle Mini Vacuum For Crumbs And Every Day Messes

Those every day messes that happen at the hands of crumbs and dust are too small for a full vacuum to handle, which is why this adorable beetle miniature vacuum is perfect. The battery-operated cleaner sweeps up debris from keyboards, desks, cushions, and counters, and it comes in red or green.

27. A Dryer Vent Cleaner That Captures Lint And Prevents Fires

Not only is it a good idea to clean out your dryer vent before every load of laundry, but it's also a way to prevent fires. And this dryer vent cleaning kit makes things easier — it comes with two flexible rods and a brush that capture lint and can clean ducts up to 6 inches long. Use it manually or with a cordless drill.

28. These Heat-Resistant Stover Burner Covers That Are Easy To Clean

Stovetops are notoriously difficult to clean, especially when it comes to caked-on food and grease. Lay down these non-stick stove liners — which are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees — and they'll protect your stove from hot messes. Then simply remove them, clean them (they're dishwasher-safe), and place them back on.

29. An Elegant And Mold-Resistant Toilet Brush Solution For A Dirty Job

Few cleaning jobs are as unpleasant as scrubbing toilets, but it has to be done — and this toilet cleaning brush is just the tool that will keep floors and surfaces as clean as possible. The brush has soft bristles that scrub dirt and grime right off without scratching surfaces, and the smart open holder provides a hygienic place to rest brushes where they can dry without accumulating mold and mildew.

30. A Stain-Lifting Pad For Carpets And Rugs

Even the most deeply embedded stubborn stain — like pet waste, chocolate, grease, and wine — can be lifted right off of carpets and rugs with the help of this stain removing pad. No scrubbing is required, either — lay the pad over a stain, stomp on it, and throw it out. Each packet comes with 20 pads.

31. These Storage Bins With Clear Windows So You Can Grab What You Need

Store seasonal items in these stackable storage bins — and then find exactly what you need when you need it, thanks to their clear windows. The bins have secure zippers both on top and on their windows and they can be stacked on top of one another to free up space in your closet, attic, or basement.

32. An Over-The-Door Cap Rack For Your Ever-Growing Hat Collection

Own more caps and hats than you can count and not sure how to store them? This cap rack hangs over doors with simple elastic straps (no installation required) and can hold up to 16 baseball caps and hats. Each set comes with two racks — for two closets or the same one for even more space.

33. A Fridge Deodorizer That Works Even Better Than Baking Soda

No offense to baking soda, which is very effective at removing odors from refrigerators, but this fridge deodorizer lasts up to six whole months and helps keep produce fresher for much longer. The fragrance-free disc is non-toxic, food-safe, and biodegradable.

34. These Citrusy Pellets That Get The Stink Out Of Garbage Disposals

Your garbage disposal is excellent at getting rid of waste — but all of that trash doesn't exactly leave it smelling like a rose. These lemon-scented garbage disposal cleaners, which were developed by a plumber and won't harm your pipes and drain, clean and sanitize disposals, leaving them smelling fresh. Each pack comes with 40 deodorizing pellets.

35. The BBQ Cleaner That Lifts Up Caked-On Grease

Scrub away caked-on food and grease and keep your barbecue grill polished — and looking brand new — with this scouring brick. The non-toxic, odorless scrubber is safe for the environment and so much more effective at cleaning grills than ordinary sponges.

36. A Professional-Level Jewelry Cleaner With A Digital Timer

Your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings will stay their sparkling best when you clean them in this professional-level jewelry cleaner. The gadget removes dirt and residue from accessories using ultrasonic energy waves. It features five present cleaning cycles and a digital timer so you can clean items such as jewelry, eyeglasses, watches — and even silverware.

37. This Drain Protector That Catches Hair And Debris To Protect Pipes

Keep pipes from getting clogged with this tub drain protector, which fits snug inside of drains instead of sitting over them. The stainless steel plug catches every strand of hair and every bit of debris and you'll never find it floating around in your bath water (which is just the worst).

38. An Affordable Squeegee That Finally Cleans Windows Without Leaving Streaks

If you're still cleaning your windows with paper towels and seeing smudges and streaks when all is said and done, toss those towels aside and replace them with this window squeegee. The affordable tool fits on an extension pole (which isn't included), and has a rubber blade that effortlessly cleans windows and mirrors without leaving streaks behind.

39. These Multipurpose Cleaning Pads That Scrub Without Scratching

The sheer number of places where you'll use these multipurpose cleaning pads — on dishes, counters, bathroom tile — make them a must-have item in your arsenal of cleaning supplies. These pads, which come three in a pack, scour and remove caked-on messes, without scratching surfaces.

40. This Non-Toxic Shoe Cleaner That Instantly Removes Dirt And Stains

A shoe cleaner and conditioner in one, this product is amazing at lifting up dirt and stains from shoes that are washable (like leather, vinyl, suede, and cloth sneakers and shoes). The formula contains saddle soap, oils, and conditioners, and will leave your shoes looking like they just arrived from a store display window.

41. The Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket With More Than 6,000 Reviews

If ever there was a mop system that reviewers couldn't stop raving about, this is it. This microfiber spin mop has more than 6,000 mostly glowing reviews because it's so effective and functional — thanks to a microfiber brush head that picks up every bit of dirt on the floor, as well as a bucket with a built-in wringer (which means you don't have to use your hands). There's also a convenient splash guard to keep you from getting wet. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.