49 'Friends' Moments No True Fan Would Ever Forget

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It's time to discuss all of the Friends moments no true fan will forget. "True fan" obviously refers to the viewers who reminisce often about the series as a whole, can quote an episode off the top of their head without error, and remember the smallest details. You know, as opposed to someone who has only seen the long-running comedy a handful of times — or happens to catch a rerun here and there on TBS.

But whether you're a huge fan or a casual fan, it's hard to believe it's been 23 years since Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe first appeared on the small screen. Believe it or not, but, when it debuted, the comedy didn't exactly strike a chord with audiences or critics. It's always hard to predict how a series will fare, but, with Friends, well, it didn't have the greatest reviews initially. And now? The comedy is considered a fan-favorite and one of the best in the history of television. There is no discussing '90s pop culture without mentioning the group of six friends who seemed to spend more time drinking more coffee at Central Perk than actually working.

It's that one series many can relate to and rarely get sick of, so why not take a moment to walk down memory lane?

1. The Eyelash Curler

Not only is Joey's reaction unforgettable upon discovering Chandler and Monica's secret relationship, but the fact that it was the "stupid friend" who figured it out first made it all the more better.

2. Who Peed On Monica

Who knew Monica would one day end up marrying the man who peed on her in order to relieve the pain from her jellyfish sting?

3. The 18-Page Letter

There was a glimmer of hope for Ross and Rachel 'shippers when they went to the beach and shared a kiss. But it was Rachel's 18-page letter (front and back, mind you) and Ross' inability to admit he was wrong when they "were on a break" that dashed those dreams.

4. The Introduction Of Kip

No one ever wants to be a Kip, aka get "phased out" of their friend group.

5. Monica & Chandler Sleep Together

A moment nobody could've predicted that turned out to be the right move for both Chandler and Monica.

6. The ATM Vestibule

Go ahead and try to pretend you don't say "gum would be perfection" every time someone asks if you'd like a piece or that you don't try to talk like Chandler on the phone when he's trying to be all coy about Jill Goodacre.

7. Ross Under The Influence

As most die-hard fans know, this is the first time Ross confesses his feelings for Rachel to Rachel.

8. Dr. Doug Ross & Dr. John Carter

Even though they didn't play their ER characters, George Clooney and Noah Wyle's cameos were on point.

9. Haircuts & Tailoring

From Chandler's disastrous tailoring experience to Phoebe destroying Monica's hair, the Season 2 premiere is top-notch.

10. Lobster Love

Lobsters were never seen the same way again after this episode that finally put Ross and Rachel together.

11. The Juice Box

Ross and Rachel's first time having sex was made memorable thanks to that juice box. Yeah, you know what that means.

12. Chandler's Essence

"Could I be wearing anymore clothes?" is something every Friends fan now says whenever they bundle up during cold weather.

13. The Break

The one episode most viewers dread watching — or just skip over.

14. Chandler In A Box

Basically the best "three-fold" punishment ever.

15. "He's A Transponster!"

Forget about Phoebe getting pregnant in this episode, because Monica and Rachel losing their apartment to Joey and Chandler is all that really matters.

16. Red Ross

Further footage of Ross trying so hard to impress a woman in a ridiculous way. But how can you not find pleasure in his poor rugby skills?

17. "I Take Thee Rachel"

An awful moment for Emily, but, really, did anyone want Ross to end up with her?

18. Phoebe Picks Chandler

Do you remember why Phoebe chose Chandler as the name for one of Frank and Alice's triplets? Basically, Chandler's a genius and convinced everyone he hated his name, which made Phoebe feel so bad she chose his name over Joey's.

19. Everyone Finds Out, Minus Ross

To sum it up: "They don't know that we know they know we know."

20. Information Overload

There's nothing better than whenever they all tattled on one another.

21. Ross Talks Gas

Ross proved just how bad he was at flirting when he started talking about why gas smells the way it does.

22. Saving Joey's Meatball Sub

Only Joey would try to save his sandwich over an actual friend during what he thought was a gunshot, but was actually a car backfiring.

23. The Identical Hand Twin

Yeah, it's too bad Joey didn't make it big in Vegas when he found his "identical hand twin." He had a song ready and everything.

24. Phoebe Running

The only way anyone should ever run.

25. Ross Blinds Everyone

What's worse: Ross' whitened teeth or his unintended dark tan?

26. One Mississippi...

Yeah, they're both pretty bad.

27. Ross Can't Eat Tacos

They always did know how to reveal each other's secrets.

28. "The Routine"

You almost don't want to watch because it's so embarrassing, but how can you not?

29. Chandler's "Smile"

Chandler is basically anyone who thinks they take bad pictures.

30. "Nestle Toulouse"

Raise your hand if, whenever you make chocolate chip cookies, you pronounce it in "French" like Phoebe? Same.

31. Cheesecake Off The Floor

Six words: When Joey pulled out a fork.

32. Napping & Die Hard

It's totally OK for two guys to take a nap together, even if Joey and Ross (who totally loved every minute of it) didn't think it was.

33. The Pregnancy Test

Rachel definitely played it cool when Phoebe found a pregnancy test and automatically assumed it was Monica who was pregnant.

34. The Red Sweater

It was an ugly sweater, but it also unmasked the father of Rachel's baby.

35. The Magic Sex Story

Has anybody tried this, and, if so, does it work?

36. Typical Rachel Green

They may no longer be married, but Brad Pitt's guest appearance next to his then wife, Aniston, made for all kinds of very funny moments.

37. Let's Play Bamboozle

A ridiculously confusing game that Joey somewhat made sense of.

38. "Paper, Snow, A Ghost!"

Let's be honest, anyone who is nervous about playing Pyramid could easily end up answering like Joey.

39. Ross Is Fine

Some might think Joey and Rachel made more sense than Ross and Rachel, but Ross being "fine" so wasn't "fine".

40. Science Boy

Phoebe once mugging Ross may have been traumatic for Ross, but it was entertaining for viewers.

41. Chandler M. Bing

Yep, his middle name was Muriel.

42. Monica & Chandler Get The Call

When Monica and Chandler finally learned they were going to adopt a baby in the middle of their disastrous Thanksgiving, well, it was hard not to be happy.

43. Pivot!

This moment is self-explanatory.

44. Emma's Penis Cake

It may have turned out to be the worst birthday party ever, but Emma's cake made up for it all.

45. Midnight Mystery Kisser

Monica learning her "first kiss ever" was with her brother is so awful, but oh so funny.

46. Celebrate Good Times, Come On

Ross' bagpipes are pretty memorable, but it's Jennifer Aniston holding back laughter that fans will never forget.

47. When Ross Finds Out

It was something when Rachel learned about Ross' feelings for her, but when Ross discovered Rachel also had feelings for him? Best. Moment. Ever.

48. The Kiss

Whether you wanted them to be together or not, there's no denying that they had an epic first kiss.

49. The Empty Apartment

The one moment everyone didn't want to come, but couldn't avoid.

These were only just a few of the many, many great moments that you discover as you watch and re-watch one of the best comedies to ever air on television.