'HTGAWM' Fans Think Gabriel Is An Informant & They're Probably Right

Eric McCandless/ABC

The mystery behind Gabriel Maddox continues to grow as revelations lead to more questions. Last week’s episode revealed that Gabriel’s phone call and shady voicemail was actually left for the now-dead District Attorney Miller. Now, investigators want to talk to Gabriel about the message and his connections with Miller. It remains to be seen how that interview will go down, but Gabriel seems like a pretty good liar. And, there are several clues that Gabriel is actually a police informant or working with major government players in some capacity.

So far, he has tried to convince Annalise and the Keating kids that his intentions are completely pure. According to him, he’s just a brokenhearted boy who was abandoned by his biological father and wants to know more about the circumstances behind his death. But, no one — including fans — is buying this act, especially after that shady phone call and his generally weird behavior.

It’s obvious that he’s just one piece of a larger network that threatens to release all the skeletons in this crew’s closet. Could he be the key to seeing some (or all) of our faves having their day in court over Sam Keating’s death? It’s possible, especially if he is working in some type of investigative capacity.

Here are all the reasons why the fan theories about this possible revelation might come true:

His Relationship With Miller

It’s not clear how Gabriel connected with Miller, but he was absolutely working with him in some type of capacity. Miller could have been digging into Annalise’s past (he obviously didn't like her anyway) and investigating some of the suspect murders that have taken place in recent years.

A person in Miller's position could have easily gotten his hands on information about Sam’s ex-wife and their son. And, what better way to mine for information from Annalise than using a kid who is already looking for answers? Miller may have tapped Gabriel to expose information about Sam’s murder.

Fake IDs & Money Bags

If Gabriel was truly there just for answers, then why did he have that shady driver’s license with a fake name? Mark Jackson could be an alias that he uses to obtain certain things or infiltrate places while maintaining his true identity. It would be more fun if he was just a part-time scammer, but there's likely a more complicated explanation.

Sure, he used his real name at the school, but he also didn’t know that Frank was watching him from the shadows either. There has to be some reason for that bag of money and fake ID, right? The only thing that makes sense is Gabriel conducting secret operations.

Frank’s Concern

There’s additional information that Frank knows and he’s not telling anyone. It makes sense for him to be protective of Annalise, but why is he so convinced that Gabriel is dangerous? Why would someone with Frank’s skills be concerned about an average college kid? Frank has to know who Gabriel is working for and what he really wants, yet he hasn’t been entirely truthful with anyone. Spill the beans, Frank.

What’s Up With Gabriel's Mom?

In a previous episode, Gabriel claimed that his mom didn’t know he was in Philly. It seems unlikely that a college student would transfer to a school out of state without letting their only parent know what was going on.

But, if he is working on something major with the DA’s office or even Governor Birkhead herself, then it would justify why his mom is unaware of his true whereabouts. Of course, Gabriel could be lying altogether about his mom even being alive because this show is built on a house of deceit.

His Criminal Record

There have been several brief mentions of Gabriel having previous assault charges levied against him. Of course, he has yet to discuss this information on-screen, but what if he made a deal with DA Miller or someone else to make his legal worries go away in exchange for being an informant? It's a stretch, but the breadcrumbs about Gabriel's assault charges have to tie into his narrative in some way.

His General Vibe

There has always been something off about this character. He’s extremely smart, calculating, great at reading personalities, has a quick hand to swipe keys, and an unsettling personality. It can be assumed that he would have more street smarts than the Keating kids, most of whom are from privileged backgrounds, but it still seems like he has been coached or trained in some way. We’re watching you Gabriel.

Is Gabriel an informant? Is he a secret agent? Anything can happen in this world of murder, lies, and outlandish revelations. Find out the truth about Gabriel each Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.