5 Meditations For The September New Moon To Help You Feel Zen

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Young woman meditating in a yoga pose in a gazebo at the beach

The first new moon of the fall season will rise in the sky on Sept. 28. Though it's a new moon so it'll be invisible to the eye, that doesn't mean it'll be any less astrologically significant — all moon phases affect our horoscopes in different ways, all the time. To prepare for the introspective event, you'll want to ready yourself specifically with some mediations for the September new moon. Since this new moon falls in the house of Libra, it's going to inspire us to weigh to contents of our lives in a way no other new moon can.

Libra's energy influences us to not only be grateful for all that we have harvested over the last few months, but it also gives us a critical eye that nudges us to evaluate everything we're holding onto, and to be extra critical when it comes to making room for said things in our winter pantry. Astrologically, Libra's energy makes us extra focused on maintaining and improving our personal relationships that serve us, but on the same token, it makes the elements and people in our lives that don't serve us, stand out like a sore thumb. If there's a bad apple in your basket under this new moon, it will rot, it will become unavoidable. This "apple" could be a habit, a person, a project — whatever it is, will become hard to ignore.

When you combine the physical reaction that many of us have to a moon-less sky with the astrological component, we're looking at a night that's going to call for intense reflection with a call to action. To ready yourself for potentially uncomfortable work ahead, here's a curation of meditations that are most applicable during this time:

Permission To Let Go Meditation

This is a guided mediation that will help you build enough confidence to let go of the things that are no longer serving you, by keeping at the forefront of your awareness the idea that you are making room for something better, something new. Letting go can promote healing in places we didn't even know we were wounded, this careful and delicate narration will create a safe space that allows us to come to terms with hurt and address it progressively.

Releasing Negative People Meditation

If it's less obvious to you who in your life has negative energy or whom you have a toxic relationship with, this mediation will walk you through an easy-to-follow consideration. Even if you don't believe that you have any negative people in your life, this is a good exercise to take the time to think about each person in your life and listen to what your gut has to say about them. It's a very Libra season thing to do, marked especially important by the new moon.

Deep Meditation For Harmony

This video is nearly two hours long and includes a variety of light and soulful sounds that will give you the inspiration and mental space to turn your attention inward. Under the new moon we want to clear the slate, wrap our minds around our lives at the moment and prepare for the month ahead. The goal is harmony, and Libra's energy will make that easier for us to achieve, but we still have to set the time aside to search for it. Two hours of quiet time will surely do it.

Body Scan Meditation

Sept. 28 is a judgment day of sorts. With the new moon, we're inspired to take stock of what we have and what we need. With Libra's energy, we're inspired to look at the value of everything. You don't need much time to do this, a 15-minute body scan will surely make somethings clear for you.

Libra Healing Meditation

Letting go of people, habits, rituals, and ideas can be scary. Sometimes it can even hurt. But if you've been brave enough to cut ties with things in your life that are no longer serving you, you might find that the extra space it's freed up is overwhelming. Treat yourself with a healing meditation to remind you how healthy your decisions are and that in no time, you'll realize that you've made room for something so much more meaningful. This guided meditation has a mix of narration, energy healing treatment, and music. Fast forward to the three minute mark to get to the good stuff!

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