These 5 Banging Podcasts Will Make Your Work Day Fly By In An Absolute Jiffy


Quite often you'll find that the work day really drags. The office is dead, the coffee's not working, and not even your usual go to tunes will help you out of the fog. When your coworkers aren't at hand to wile away the workday with, the next best thing is to listen to someone else's conversation. I'm not talking about eavesdropping on your boss' conference calls here, I'm talking about plugging in with a few podcasts. In my experience, there's nothing that makes the day go past faster, so here are some of the best podcasts to listen to at work and make the day fly by.

Depending on your job, the kind of podcast you're seeking is probably dependent on how busy your workday is. If it's full on, then I imagine you'll want something less distracting, more ambient, but still engaging enough to keep you focused. Or, if you're looking to fill long, empty afternoons without any motivation in sight, then I'm guessing that you'll want something more immersive, something to help you escape the dreary day. Well, you're in luck. Flick through these choices, and I reckon you'll land on some podcast goodness to help speed up the hours until it's home time again.

If You're In Need Of A Motivational Pep Talk

Hosted by Andy J. Pizza (no, this isn't your chance to get hungry just yet), Creative Pep Talk gathers inspiration from a multitude of artists and creatives who guest on the show to give you advice from how to send out an email that'll change your life to finding your focus. So far the podcast has over 200 episodes, so there are plenty of work days to be filled, rest assured.

Listen to the podcast here

If You Want To Discover New Music

Music nerds Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton have been hosting NPR's All Songs Considered since 2000. Ever since then, they've been rounding some of the best new releases — the tracks you might have missed, and the ones you can't afford to. In its almost 20 year span, the podcast has featured guest DJs from the likes of Pavement's Stephen Malkmus, and more recently, the super girl group boygenius. By nowadays' standards, it's pretty clear that All Songs Considered has solidified itself as one of the world's most essential music based podcasts.

Listen to the podcast here

If You Want To Start Getting Excited For Lunch

The Splendid Table is a podcast hosted by expert foodies and food writers, and describes itself as being "the radio show for people who love to eat," which seems a pretty legit place to start. Plug this podcast in and you'll enter into a food hall of diverse cuisines and cultures, as host Francis Lam guides you through some of the world's best dishes, and the stories behind the people that made them.

Listen to the podcast here

If You Want To Fire Your Creativity

You'll know Elizabeth Gilbert best for her once ubiquitous memoir Eat Pray Love. She's since followed up the smash hit with some more lessons — "magic" ones, to be precise — with a podcast which has Gilbert giving advice to creatives with certain blocks in their way. Although she's handing out life lessons to someone else, it sounds as though Gilbert is speaking directly and specifically to you. You can eat, pray, love that all the way to the bank.

Listen to the podcast here

If You Want Some Comic Relief

If My Dad Wrote A Porno doesn't already fuel your office's water cooler chat, then it will once you've listened to it. With 150 million downloads, according to its site, you might be a little behind on the trend here, but a quiet work day should be the apt time to catch up. True to its name, the hosts Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine recount the actual real life erotic novel which was written by Morton's dad, that his son uncovered several years later. This podcast is the result.

Listen to the podcast here