5 Zodiac Signs That Have The Best Chance Of Meeting A Partner During Mercury Retrograde

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Another Mercury retrograde is upon us, and this time, the planet stations retrograde in watery Pisces, meaning strong emotions will be very freely flowing. Given all that, you may be wondering which zodiac signs have the best chance of meeting a partner during Mercury retrograde 2019. The first one of the year takes places from Mar. 5 to Mar. 25, and, if you know a thing or two about Mercury retrogrades, then you know it's not the best time to start new things.

"Pisces is the sign that is related to fantasy, unrealistic expectation and a sense of grandiose romantic ideals," astrologer Linda Furiate tells Bustle. "Any of the signs may have the potential of meeting a new partner during the Mercury retrograde; the difficulty may be the desire to relate to the partner once Mercury has moved forward."

Basically, even if you do, against all odds, meet a new person during these three weeks set up for reflection and processing the past, you may find your feelings all of a sudden dissipate once Mercury goes direct. It could be a good time to try processing old conflict with an ex to repair the relationship. But even that could be fleeting, Furiate warns. Here are the five signs likely to hit it off with someone this Mercury retrograde.


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Scorpio may have some luck in new love this Mercury retrograde, provided they don't let themselves get too cerebral about it.

"This could be quite a romantic three-week period for Scorpio if they relax and enjoy the mystery unfolding," astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle. "It's not a time for mental clarity when it comes to your love life, though. It's dreamy, mystical, and passionate. It could be an adventure as well. Try not to be set on any one outcome and be open to exploring."


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Since this month's Mercury retrograde occurs in the sign of Pisces, they're especially susceptible to former flames sliding into their DMs. "Move forward cautiously if you are rethinking a relationship with an ex," Lang advises. "Stay focused on the present, and you could attract the attention of someone special."


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This month's Mercury retrograde will be in Virgo's house of partnerships, which puts a retrograde-tinted spotlight on their romantic life. It doesn't necessarily mean they'll meet someone new, but there will could be development in this area for them.

"You may revisit past relationships to come full circle or gain closure," Lang suggests. "You can create more space in your psyche and in your life for a new relationship as a result."


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In addition to Mercury going retrograde on Mar. 5, Uranus moves direct into Taurus on Mar. 6, and Venus, the planet that rules love, will move through Aquarius. This creates ideal circumstances for something unexpected to occur for Taurus in the realm of romance.

"It's likely a friendship could become more during this period," Lang says. "You may even connect with someone from your past in a romantic way."

Astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle of Taureans, Sagittarians, and Aquarius during this time:

"It's a perfect equation to meet someone when you least expect it, and very likely, someone who isn't your typical type. If this is a reunion with an old flame, chances are that Mercury retrograde will be exactly what your relationship needed to get things back on track. If it's a new relationship, things don't look as promising in the long-term. But any relationship started during this time is going to be fun and exciting. The idea of thrill will be at your beck and call.


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Mercury retrograde occurs in Sagittarius' fourth house, which rules their home life.

"A relationship could start with someone that you already know, but never really had the chance to spend quality time with," astrologer Jess Domain suggests in an email to Bustle. "It could be coming to the forefront to actually get started for real this time."

Ultimately, starting up a new relationship during Mercury retrograde is always dicey for any sign. "But remember," Domain says, "anything or anyone that falls away during retrograde is for your highest good."