6 Crystals To Help You Relax During Pisces Season

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Starting on February 18, we officially move into Pisces season until March 20, which means that things are about to get seriously emotional around here. People born in Pisces season are the most empathetic and emotionally vulnerable people under the zodiac. So when the rest of us move into Pisces season, we're bound to feel the heavy effects on our psyche. To get through the next month unscathed, you're going to want to stock up on some specific crystals for Pisces season 2019, and also some tissues if we're being honest here.

Pisces season will force us to face ourselves with a rawness and openness that we might have been avoiding for some time. With the rush of excitement circling the new year and month thereafter, it's easy to focus on moving forward and charging ahead. But as we move into Pisces season, we'll be force to take pause and evaluate our feelings. Try not to get frustrated about the loss of momentum, for, if you take the time to address your emotional state, you'll actually find that you have an even stronger and more authentic motivation in the months ahead.

That said, the Pisces influence has the power to render you helpless under the weight of your own emotions of you don't have the proper tools prepared. Here I've put together a collection of crystals that will help you find emotional strength, while embracing your complete state of vulnerability. Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or not, you can't deny that having something beautiful and smooth to hold onto can be a great grounding anchor in the midst of a trying moment.


Aquamarine is actually the power stone for Pisces, so it's a must-have this season. It brings with it a watery energy that's flowing and calm. Keep Aquamarine around this season to ensure that your emotions are running in a balanced and cleansing fashion.


Being emotionally vulnerable is good thing, but it does leave you unprotected. Amethyst is a protective stone that will help you to stay open while keeping your spirit closely watched. If you have this stone with you, you should feel more comfortable taking communication risks and expressing yourself freely.


If your emotions are getting the best of you this month and you're staring to feel like it's hard to balance your mood, reach for Bloodstone. This crystal has a grounding earthly energy that will connect you back to your truest self and simmer down your current mental state.


If your emotions are escalating too rapidly and you're starting to feel overwhelmed with anger or rage, reach for a Citrine stone to calm yourself down. This stone will help you veer towards a positive emotion and blunt out any sharp edges you might be experiencing emotionally.

Rose Quartz

If you lead with love, you'll end up in a healthy place. Rose quartz, aka the stone of love, is always a good stone to have around. Reach for this stone when you need to be reminded of your intentions which should always be rooted in love.


Towards the end of Pisces season, you might be feeling emotionally tapped out. You've gone through a lot, worked through many blocks and made many strides both mentally and socially, but now you might be feeling stuck. Jade will help you move forward when you have no energy to. Reach for this stone to harness a sense of stability and progress. Jade will carry you into the Aries season with focus and drive.