6 Clever 'Game Of Thrones' Halloween Costume Ideas Only True Fans Will Get


As of earlier this year, HBO's Game Of Thrones series is officially over. If you're a fan of the books, then you've still got some excitement to come (if George R. R. Martin ever actually finishes the book series as planned, anyway). But no matter where you stand in your GoT stan-dom, you can always keep the dream alive with a Game Of Thrones Halloween costume idea. All your fellow GoT stans will appreciate a chance to be reminded of their favorite Sunday night past time while also being impressed by your creativity. Win-win.

There are tons of Game of Thrones Halloween costumes on the market, but Halloween is always a little more fun when you stray from the beaten path — putting together costumes for side characters or main characters from a specific moment can make for a more unique costume in a sea of store-bought GoT looks. Cause while we're likely to see a whole bunch of blonde-wigged Daenerys Targaryens running around this Halloween, how many will we see with a knife stabbed through her heart by the hands of Jon Snow? Yeah.

Check out these six clever Game of Thrones Halloween costumes and get ready to bring back the excitement of everyone's favorite series.

Viserion The Ice Dragon


At the end of Season 7, all hell broke loose as one of Daenerys' beloved fire-breathing dragons, Viserion, was struck down by the Night King and turned into a freeze-breathing Ice Dragon to be used by the Army Of The Dead to destroy The Wall. So don't just dress up as a regular ol' GoT dragon — be an Ice Dragon! And a cute one, at that. Who doesn't want an excuse to cover their face with icy blue makeup?

Daenerys In Her Final Moments


There were many costume-worthy iterations of the Mother of Dragons throughout the course of the series, but the one freshest in our minds are her final moments alive in May 2019's series finale. During that episode, after which Dany proved herself to be the "Mad Queen" after all, Jon follows his heart by stabbing her in hers, resulting in her death. Recreate her look with the iconic black power-gown, plus some strategically placed blood streaks and the dagger of death.

Jon Snow's Direwolf, Ghost


So remember that one time at the beginning of Season 6 when Jon Snow was straight up killed and was a dead body for like, a solid episode and a half? But then Melisandre used her mystical Red Priestess power to bring him back to life? And Jon's sweet Direwolf Ghost wouldn't leave his corpse's side?

And then Jon didn't say bye to him in Season 7 when he thought he would never see Ghost again?


These canine cuties don't get nearly enough attention, so pay homage to one of the greatest by dressing up as Ghost! A wolf costume with red-colored contacts will do the trick, but throw in a punchline by getting an extra-large dog collar tag engraved with the name "Ghost" and hanging it from a choker.

King Bran Stark


If you didn't watch the season finale, well then, spoiler alert: our resident sooth-saying Stark sibling, Bran, lived to become the King of the Seven (err, Six, Winterfell remained independent!) Kingdoms. Yup: Good ol' Bran is the King, because as Tyrion said, "who has a better story" than "Bran the broken"? (Lots of characters, but that's besides the point.)

Commemorate this season finale moment in Halloween costume form.

Euron Greyjoy, Aka That Hot Topic-Looking Dude


Being a pseudo-goth-punk in the 2000s was too much fun. An embarrassing combination of scream-o CDs, studded belts, black eyeliner, anarchy symbols Sharpied onto Chuck Taylors, and trips to the mall to visit the local Hot Topic, this was an era to remember. No GOT character better encapsulated the emo/goth aesthetic than Euron Greyjoy, that guy that killed a lot and did his darndest to court Cersei Lannister in the final seasons of the show. Get a lil' Hot Topic with your bad self and put together a costume based on his essence.

The Three-Eyed Raven


We've covered King Bran, but how about his alter-ego, the Three-Eyed Raven? We stan a psychic avian animal avatar, so pay tribute to this mystical GOT being by throwing together a super simple Three-Eyed Raven costume. It's just a regular raven costume, but with an extra eye thrown on — and it's guaranteed to get some laughs for its simplicity and cleverness.

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