6 Guys From Becca's 'Bachelorette' Who Already Seem Destined For 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Nicole Pomarico

Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette may have only just begun, but even from the premiere alone, it was easy to see that her pool of contestants is populated by men with a lot of personality. And now that we're two episodes in, there definitely seem to be a few guys from Becca's season who should go on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Yes, The Bachelorette just started, but is it ever too early to start making predictions?

In some seasons, it takes a bit longer to get to know the contestants, but Becca's guys don't seem to be wasting any time. Even just a couple of episodes in, they are already determined to seal their place in Bachelor franchise history however they can. Throwing a framed photo in the pool? Stripping down to just your underwear and walking around the mansion during a cocktail party? Those are totally power plays for attention, and it seems like plenty of these guys have Paradise in their sights so far... even if they don't realize it yet.

Here are the six men who — if they don't end up winning Becca's heart in the end — seem destined for BiP this summer.



Even only a couple of episodes in, fans can probably all agree that Jordan makes excellent television. Between his constant commentary about the other contestants, reminding everyone he's a model at every opportunity, and his willingness to remain the center of attention at all times, he'd be the perfect contestant to go on BiP.



Even though Joe was eliminated on night one, fans fell in love with this grocery store owner at first sight. He's sweet, he's got a good job, he's attractive — who wouldn't want to run into him on the beach this summer? Give the people what they want, ABC.



Much like Joe, Colton was an instant crush for a lot of Bachelorette fans, but now, we know he comes with a little drama, too, after he opened up about his history with Bachelor contestant Tia Booth. And it seems like plenty more juicy things are to come this season where Colton's concerned. Destined for Paradise? Seems that way.



After seeing Lincoln win that ridiculous wedding race, he seems like a lock for BiP. His accent is charming, and who didn't feel for him after Connor tossed his picture into the pool? Then again, he can be dramatic, too, like how he was bragging about winning the race and then crying the next day, so... yeah, that's definitely BiP material.



Jake brought the sass when Becca eliminated him on night one, just based on the fact that they knew each other from back home and had never gotten together outside of a reality TV show. He seemed very insulted that she wouldn't give him a chance, and because of this, he seems like the perfect guy to stir up drama in paradise.



Forever destined to be known as the guy in the chicken suit, David seems made for Paradise. He could follow in Alexis the famous shark/dolphin's footsteps and have a blast on the beach after showing up to the mansion dressed as an animal.

We're probably still awhile off before the official cast announcements, but it's fun to think of which guys from Becca's season could end up on BiP. There are definitely some Bachelor legends in the making among them, and seeing how they interact in a situation like Paradise will be so much fun.