6 Meditations For Mercury Retrograde Fall 2019 To Help You Avoid Stressing Out


Expect a whole lot of terrifying things to happen this Halloween: not only are we in the midst of intense and emotional Scorpio season, but the last Mercury retrograde of 2019 will also begin on Oct. 31. This can seem pretty scary to those who know what Mercury retrograde entails. As the planet goes retrograde, all of the things it rules over — communication, technology, etc. — will go a little haywire. And, since this retrograde is also happening in the sign of Scorpio, everything that Scorpio rules, like love and money, will be doubly affected. Cool, right? Mercury retrograde can be full of chaotic energy, which is why you need to put effort into remaining calm - and that's where meditating comes in. There are meditations that are perfect for Mercury retrograde you should absolutely try out.

But wait! Don't think, "I've never meditated before and I have no idea what I'm doing, so this won't work for me." It's OK! You don't need to be a meditation expert in order to use the practice to your advantage. You don't need any fancy tools, either. Simply go to a place that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, and play one of the below YouTube videos. They're free and easy to follow along, and there's something for everyone. If you know how to meditate already and simply need calming music for your background noise, that's here. If you feel clueless and need a helping hand, there are guided meditations that will make you see just how easy it can be.

Listen, Mercury retrograde can be tough. The planet is in control of communication and tech, and during the retrograde period, things can feel wonky and out of sorts. You might take things the wrong way, you'll feel discouraged against making big decisions, and you may find yourself dealing with lots of travel delays.

But it's not all bad: Mercury retrograde can be a great time to reflect on your past and how to move forward in the future. And with this retrograde period in the sign of Scorpio, you'll find yourself feeling more intuitive and connected with your feelings than ever before. That's a nice combination and can really open your eyes.

And meditation can help with that as well. Here are a few to try out during this Mercury retrograde period: