6 'Harry Potter' & 'GoT' FanFic Crossovers That'll Have You Begging For An IRL Mashup

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Can't get enough of Harry Potter? Just about over the books finishing? Similar to a break up, time is a healer when it comes to your favourite fantasy series wrapping up. But you can't tell that to someone in the midst of it can you? Just like you can't tell Game Of Thrones fans they will be "fine". What you might suggest though is some Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones hybrid fan fiction to get them through it because it's 2019 and why the hell not?

Fan fiction is a way to keep the story going. A chance to see what can happen in the universe of the fandom you love. An opportunity to make a world where two characters you always felt vibes for finally fall in love. Sometimes that can creep into erotica which isn't necessarily what we are going for here. Although in fairness lewdness and Game Of Thrones go together like bread and butter. So if that's your cup of mead, go for it.

Like a lot of internet fascinations there is an absolute myriad of options and, let's be real, far too many to mention. So, for your nerdy pleasures I have only gone and made a list.

Now play this to get you in the mood.


'Cursed Be The Souls' — Kneazle

In this story there is a crossover between Ned Stark and Hermione Granger. Woah, creepy age difference right? Well it is from when they are both really young and have the ability to cross universes to be together. Yes, because they are soulmates.

Super interesting angle and really fun to see each character kind of debriefing with each other after big events in each of their universes.

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'Into The Wild Westeros' — Arkane007

In this story, Harry is reborn into Westeros as the son of Brandon Stark and Ashara Dayne. This was four years before Robb Stark was born and sees Harry become a low-key legendary leader. But for good or bad? You decide.

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'Game Of Magic' — Dhazellouise

In this story, Hermione Granger is reborn as a Wildling and gets super stuck in. Not only is she running free north of the wall, but she's ready to fight and defend her people. She also just so happens to be the mistress of death so, yeah, a lot going on in this one. It also comes with a sexually explicit warning so you KNOW it's good.

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'The Lannister Bride' — Diamonds_and_pearls

Harriet Potter (yes) is living in the House of Dursley (OMG) and her life is seriously unpleasant. Until Tyrion Lannister comes along and saves her and they fall in love. OK, there's also some pretty horrific scenes and a lot of drama but you guys, love.

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'The Black Prince' — cxjenious

This guy's past life was as Harry Potter. He dreams of the battles, the magic, the people and utilises his memories and powers to be a total boss in Westeros.

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'Harry Stark & The Sorcerer's Stone' — Lady Stella Stone

So this one kicks off after The Goblet Of Fire and sees Voldemort crossing over to Westeros and trying to win the Iron Throne. Harry has to come fight but as Harry Stark and OMG, it is lit.

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Hopefully these magical hybrids will bring out the best of both worlds and help you escape into a magical world. If only for a moment.