17 Similarities Between 'GOT' & Harry Potter That Will Leave You Speechless

by Aoife Hanna
Warner Bros / HBO

Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones are some of the most stan-able universes of all time. Garnering the kind of fandom that leads to a lot of cosplay, endless conventions, and a meal ticket for life for any main characters. Which, to be honest, is a genuine relief for any people in creative industries. But guys apart from fandom, and of course the redonk amount of money the casts of both have made, there are so many similarities between Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones.

Dare I go so far as to say that like, GOT is a bit like Harry Potter after the watershed? OK maybe that is a stretch but guys, there are a serious amount of themes, characters, and facts that the two share.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying that one is a copy of the other. No way in hell. They are both wonderfully lit in their own special way, but I guess when you get into magic and mythology there is always going to be a few cross overs. If it ain't broke don't fix it, am I right?

To be honest, narrowing it down was actually a little difficult because there are that many common threads. However after a coffee break, a lot of soul searching, and of course utilising years of marathon watching/reading, I narrowed it down to 17.



Erm OK hello glaring similarity from ancient myths and mythology.

You know who loves dragons? Daenerys. Despite them being scary AF, she has a way with them. Another person who has an affinity with dragons despite their fearsome nature? Hagrid. Not to mention that big old scary dragon challenge in The Goblet Of Fire and that escape from Gringotts.


Dark Magic

I mean come on. There is so much dark magic in both. How about Voldemort and every damn thing he does?

He would absolutely love Melisandre and all her wild blood magic.


Ability To Defy Age

While we are on the topic of Melisandre, I am not sure where she got that necklace but we all saw what she looked like without it. Yes, dust.

Holla at Nicolas Flamel and his Philosopher's stone.

Oof I am just waiting for these to be available from my nearest skincare retailer.



OK so there are a whole bunch of prophecies in GOT but one that stands the hell out is the one made about Cersei by an old witch. When Cersei visited the witch Maggy, she said that Cersei would have three kids and they would all die. Guess what — they did!

In Harry Potter, my personal favourite nervous wreck, Professor Trelawney made a few prophecies that came true. Like about Harry/Voldemort having to kill one of each other so the other can live? Yep, hectic AF.



OK so doing each other over is a bit of a theme in both shows. In Game Of Thrones it is in fact, the entire purpose of the show.

And in Harry Potter, people are consistently trying to tip the balance of power into the Dark Lord's favour.


A Weirdly Alien Enemy Who Has It Out For A Young Guy

The Night King seriously wants to get his icy mitts on young Bran.

Voldemort wants to totally kill poor little Harry. Even from when he is a tiny sprog.



GOT has battles every season that honestly have gone from bad to worse on the anxiety-causing scale. From the red wedding to the battle of Winterfell to the battle about to kick off — it is basically the least peaceful place to live ever.

In the final of the Harry Potter books/films, there is a huge battle between good and evil in Hogwarts. Luckily good wins.

TBC what happens in Game Of Thrones. Gulp.



Too many castles to mention in the Seven Kingdoms, but let's just say King's Landing as an example.

And where does Harry go to school? Why the big old glorious castle that is Hogwarts.



Giants in Game Of Thrones live largely beyond the wall and are viewed as mysterious and dangerous creatures. Tormund Giantsbane drank the milk of a female giant for a hot minute which is how he got is dank strength. Wild.

Giants are also seen as wild and mysterious in Harry Potter, with Hagrid being half giant and his bro showing that they have good hearts but are em, a little unruly.



This is where all the ubiquitous British actors come in.

Crossovers include

  • Natalia Tena as Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter and Osha on Game Of Thrones.
  • Jim Broadbent as Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter and Archmaester Ebrose in Game Of Thrones.
  • David Bradley as Argus Finch in Harry Potter and as Walder Frey in Game Of Thrones. (Yep, he seemingly only plays creepy characters).


Magically Strong Swords

Valyrian steel in the GOT universe is the ideal material for a sword. Not only is it super strong and ancient, but its magical powers can kill white walkers. Which is fairly ideal considering how much those super speedy zombies come at you.

Godric Gryffindor's sword has magical powers and helped Harry in his time of need. Which is a pretty cool additional feature.


Ability To Look Back In Time

The three eyed raven gave Bran the chance to look back through time. Including that devastating Hodor episode.

Harry and his mentor Dumbledore looked into memories using a pensieve which holds important memories for review.

I know right, I want a pensieve too.


Evil Blondes

The Lannisters have proven themselves to be largely complete a-holes. Cersei is obviously the worst, and Tyrion is the least bad. I mean yes he is all cute and nice now but he has a murky AF past. And Daenerys... well, jury is out there.

Other fans of home bleach kits are the Malfoys, who have that dark old history and allegiance to the Dark Lord.



Poor old Jon Snow is an orphan whose parentage wasn't clear until after he accidentally got it on with his auntie. Less than ideal.

Luckily for Harry Potter, he didn't get off with any relatives but sadly for him — he is perhaps one of the most famous orphans in history.


Incest To Preserve Blood Lines

So, like I said about that awkward auntie thing. Well, it is definitely not an isolated case. George R. R. Martin includes it a lot in the books and it features heavily in the TV series too — Cersei and Jamie Lannister being perhaps the best known ongoing incestuous pairing.

In Harry Potter, a lot of the bad guys are obsessed with "pure blood" witches and wizards. Any muggle born types are known as "mudbloods". Which is effed up. Anyhow, this has led to a lot of inbreeding in the families. Like I said — effed up.


Family Drama

This statement puts it mildly. Whatever happened to peace, love, and harmony y'all?

In Game Of Thrones it is family against each other in the bid for power. Too many examples to name, but remember when Jamie Lannister killed his own cousin because his sister slash lover told him to.

In Harry Potter people also seem to be falling out with their families. How about the Dursleys being complete meanies to poor baby Harry? Ugh, trash.


Both Began As Hit Books

Potentially the most obvious and straightforward of all the commonalities, both started as hit books and both have die hard fans screaming "read the books before you watch it!"


Above all, one thing the shows share is devastation among fans when they end. Not sure about you but I still can't accept Harry Potter being over and it will be damn hard to let go of Game Of Thrones too.