Why 'DWTS' Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess Should Pair Off-Screen

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Eric McCandless/ABC

Ever since professional bull rider and model Bonner Bolton and his partner Sharna Burgess first took to the floor on Dancing With The Stars, clad in cowboy gear and playing that they were completely in love, people have been salivating at the possibility that these two could be a real-life couple. Unfortunately for us all, Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess have denied that they are dating — anybody. The Dancing With The Stars pair told Entertainment Tonight that they are both single. But fans are still hoping that their situation might change in the future. After all, there are at least six reasons for Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess to date.

Sure, they're both consenting adults with their own free will and love lives. But could it be that the eagled-eyed fans of Dancing With The Stars might know exactly what their favorite contestants need? According to some loyal viewers, the most dreamy cowboy in the world simply must date the talented and spunky Australian dancer. I'm one of the many who are rooting for Bonner and Sharna to become a couple off-screen.

Need more proof? Here are some reasons to back up my position. You're welcome, guys. Please invite me to your wedding and allow me to toast you properly.

1. Chemistry

They have it. It is as simple as that. Bonner and Sharna have chemistry coming out of their ears.

2. Shared Interests

Ranch life. Who knew that fabulous Sharna Burgess would find herself so at home on the range? Bonner posted photos to her Instagram that prove she would fit right in at her partner's favorite place on Earth.

3. They Look Great Together

These two would probably have to come with their own EPA warning if they became a couple, but I'm willing to deal with the solar flares that may occur as a result.

4. Dangerous Jobs

I know they are not out there fighting fires or anything of that nature, but both Bonner and Sharna have jobs that often lead to injuries. Each of them has been sidelined with a big injury due to their career choice. Bonner remembered his near-fatal fall from a bull in a New York Post interview, and People reported that Sharna missed episodes after hurting her knee this past fall.

5. They Are Uniquely Named

These two have names that you just don't hear everyday, right? I mean, how many Sharnas or Bonners have you casually met? Probably not a ton. As another person with an uncommon moniker, I'll say that it's nice to have someone who can commiserate with you about never finding any souvenir with your name on it. Ever.

6. Family Is Everything

Both Sharna and Bonner have a strong connections to their family. The pair are constantly posting on social media about how much they appreciate and love their respective clans, and that's an important trait to share when you are in a relationship.

It's totally up to them, but I think these reasons prove that Sharna and Bonner would be couple goals. Either way, the Dancing With The Stars competitors make an awesome team.