6 Ways Lindsay Lohan Channeled Lisa Vanderpump In The 'Lohan Beach Club' Premiere

Courtesy MTV/Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Lindsay Lohan has come far from starring in movies like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls. She’s now a globe-trotting entrepreneur, who opened up a club in Athens to much acclaim. Now, she’s taking her hospitality business on the road with a beach club (aptly named Lohan Beach House) in Mykonos. Hello, can you smell the dynasty building? In fact, Lohan’s rise to the top of the hospitality pops reminds me a lot of another restaurateur-turned-reality-star — Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, SUR, Villa Blanca, and Tom Tom fame (the list could really keep going and going).

In fact, with Lohan Beach Club, the MTV series that’s documenting Lohan’s opening of her Mykonos branch, Lohan is really starting to resemble Vanderpump in more ways than one. Both have fiery-ish hair (Vanderpump’s is more auburn, but still) to go with their fiery personalities, and they’re definitely not going to take anything less than the best from their staff. These are not women who want to be made a fool of, and they’ll let you know when you’re in the wrong.

Vanderpump has always been big in the West Hollywood restaurant scene, but now, she’s a full-fledged reality star, thanks to her times on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and, most importantly, Vanderpump Rules. Lohan must have been watching both shows, or maybe she’s taking lessons, because if you love Lisa in Vanderpump Rules, you'll love LiLo in Lohan Beach Club.


She’s Always Worried About Her “Brand”

Of her brand-new American VIP ambassadors, Lohan says, “It’s their job to represent the Lohan brand in everything — how they talk, how they look, and how they take care of my guests, and the energy I want them to feel while they’re there.” Sounds straight from Vanderpump’s mouth, if you ask me, especially when she’s scolding Jax or James for doing something stupid on the floor. Also see: those skimpy uniforms!


She’s A Tough Boss

After the ambassadors arrive, some get drunk and jump in the house pool, and boy, Lohan is not happy. It’s not exactly the right move to meet your boss if you’re JUST wearing a bra, and Lohan says as much. She tells the group that if any of them misbehave, they’re out, and is equally shocked that they've cleared out the liquor cabinet. That’s a page out of the Vanderpump playbook. Remember those old SUR photo shoots?


But She’s Always There If They Need

That said, Vanderpump has a shoulder to cry on when something goes wrong with the SUR-vers. I mean, she even married Katie and Schwartz! Lohan seems to be good at knowing when there’s some emotion going on, because she takes aside May in the premiere to give her a little pep talk. What a Vanderpump move.


She Sees Everything That Goes On

Even when Lohan isn’t at the club, she knows what’s happening. She has people reporting back to her — eyes and ears everywhere. That’s a Vanderpump power move, because they both know that when the cat’s away, all of those mice are going to play.


She Has A Tough Partner At Her Side

Panos Spentzos, Lohan’s business partner, doesn’t suffer fools… at all. He’s the yin to her yang, or in the case of Vanderpump, the Guillermo to her Lisa. Guillermo is perhaps not as callous as Spentzos is, but someone has to be the tough guy when the you-know-what hits the fan. “Panos is more cutthroat,” Lohan says in the premiere.


She Knows Exactly What She Wants

One of the most admirable things about both Vanderpump and Lohan on Lohan Beach Club and Vanderpump Rules, respectively, is their unflinching confidence in their mission. No matter what anyone says, how rowdy their employees get, or the drama that seems to always surround them, these two ladies always stay on track. That steadfast quality is an important one.

Who knows? Maybe Lohan Beach Club will be as popular as Vanderpump Rules (or SUR or Tom Tom) in the future. In any case, Lohan has all the Lisa Vanderpump potential.